The Elijah Challenge Training in Kuala Lumpur – July 2017


One of two fully packed rooms of participants with those in the second room watching on TV

At the end of the first training session in Kuala Lumpur, we ministered healing to a servant of God named Pastor Nobel who had traveled from Perth, Western Australia to attend the training and to receive healing for his heart condition. Among other problems he had leaking valves and a hardened aorta. Immediately afterwards he was able to exert himself physically without feeling any of the usual symptoms. The next evening he testified that he felt well.

Report from our host Elijah Challenge Asia Coordinator, Pastor Albert Kang and his wife Pastor Grace

The second night arrived with great expectation. Our Elijah Challenge Trainer did not fail to meet expectations. He taught about mountain-moving faith with such clarity that everybody’s faith was enhanced. During the demonstration, the Sister with ringing in the ear was not healed. It was a good lesson in how we handle the situation when a negative result occurred. However, subsequently, during the healing session, many received their healing. A sister with frozen shoulders was so thrilled by her healing. A brother was totally healed of his back pain. Another healed was healed of pain in four areas of his body. A brother with a persistent pain in arm and wrist was healed. There were others who were healed of migraine, and various other ailments. Praise the Lord for His mercy and grace in giving us the power and authority to minister healing to the infirm.

Laying hands on those with infirmities after the training session

Ministering healing at a distance (as Jesus did in Luke 7) for heart condition
During The Elijah Challenge Seminar, the Trainer taught us how to minister healing at a distance with authority. Then one of our Seminar participants Pastor Daniel Dinesh called up his friend Alex who had a heart condition and who was not physically present. After we all ministered to him with authority, Alex started to walk up and down the stairs without any shortness of breath! Hallelujah! All glory to God! 

The actual report from Pastor Dinesh

“At the Saturday session over a mobile phone we led everyone present in ministering healing-at-a-distance to a believer named Alex who was not present. Alex also had heart disease.

Upon the first round of commanding through the phone with Alex laying his hand on his heart, we asked him to climb a flight of stairs which he did. We then asked him how he felt and was there improvement over his usual breathlessness, to which he replied that he didn’t feel as breathless as he usually would. 

We then told him that we would be taking authority over the infirmity again a second time. He proceeded to lay his hand on his heart, and upon the second round of distance commands we asked him to climb the flight of stairs again. Once he had ascended, we asked how he felt. He replied he hardly felt the breathlessness and did not feel any discomfort. 

Following the second command for the heart we asked him to also jump up and down vigorously—which he did—and he reported not feeling any discomfort or unusual breathlessness that he would usually feel. 

He then said that he had another problem, which were weak and painful knees due to him being rather overweight. This time we got him to sit down and lay his hands on his knees and we proceeded to command healing for the knees. Upon the first round, he climbed the stairs and reported that he felt 50% better in the mobility and strength in his knees. 

We proceeded to take authority a second time and this time he reported that he felt full release on the knees and could climb the stairs with ease and didn’t feel the tightness he felt before.”

An unusual report from Sister Pat who came in serious need of healing

“I was sick the last week of May 2017. The fever and flu from which I had been suffering earlier were gone, but the cough persisted stubbornly. I took some cough medicine, but nothing changed. Then I tried cough drops hoping they would help, but my cough only got worse. I came to know of your Training through a friend. I started watching your 2015 online Elijah Challenge Training video. I just felt that I needed to attend your Training to learn about healing in the Scriptures. I forwarded the flyers to a few friends and they came as well.

At the first session on Thursday, July 20, my worsening cough  acted up very badly. Two sisters gave me some cough drops but they didn’t work at all. Back home after the session, I asked my husband Eugene to practise what you taught on my bad cough.

Eugene started to command the cough to leave me in Jesus’ name. He kept it up until about the 5th to 7th time when I felt something invisible come out from my mouth three times! My mouth opened up very wide all by itself. I literally felt a force rush through and out of my mouth. I was conscious all that time. It was the first time in my life I had experienced such a phenomenon. I felt a bit of relief, but was still coughing. 

The next day around 9:30 in the morning, I started to feel sick with a flu, fever and the persistent cough. At 1:30 pm, I felt I was going to collapse any moment so I took leave from work. From there I picked up my four-year-old Abigail Lyna Lim from kindergarten.

After arriving home I lay down on the sofa. I told little Abigail to lay her hand on my head and chest. I told her I was very sick and couldn’t take it. I instructed her to command the fever, flu and cough to leave my body in Jesus’ name. So she said, “in the name of Jesus I command the fever, flu and cough to leave my mum’s body now. Be healed in Jesus’ name. No more sickness in my mum’s body.”

After that she asked me how I felt. I told her to give the command once again.

“How are you, mummy?”

I told her to command again. After that I told her to let me rest for a while. She went off to continue watching her Ben and Holly movie.

About an hour later she checked on me and I asked her to minister to me again. After that I rested. She then checked on me again. At that time I instructed her to speak forth the command just like a commander in the military. And so this time she barked forth the command to the sickness with no-nonsense authority!

After that I fell asleep and felt something leave me. Abigail woke me up…and I realised that I was completely healed and totally set free! The fever, flu and terrible cough were just gone. I didn’t cough at all during the second day of the Training.”

A powerful testimony by Sister Nancy Limmer who attended the Elijah Challenge

“Pastor Albert, thank you very much for inviting  me to attend the Elijah Challenge Training!!  Thank you very much for your love❤and support.  I love to give God the glory and honor for His love and mercy. The teaching in Elijah healing ministry is so good  It really help me to stand in faith and take up the power and authority God given to us!! I usually use that to pray for the sick. 
Last night I was called to minister to a man dying of cancer. In the car   on the way, I prayed in faith for his salvation, not only him but the whole household!!    I took authority, in the name of Jesus and commanded every lie, deceiving spirit and every demonic spirit to be loosed from the house that we would be entering and declared that Jesus will be the centre of the meeting! I cried desperately for God to have mercy for this family!  Praise the Lord! The whole household received Jesus !!  All 5 of them.  
Just to encourage to apply whatever we learn…it is so so effective! May God bless you and family.  ❤   I pray many churches will able to receive it and apply in their lives! Amen.”

Pastor Grace Kang’s wrap up
“The seminar ended with a bang, and we’ve got more than 40 churches attending. All participants were trained how to share the gospel to unbelievers with miracles, signs and wonders. No speaking in tongues. No worship music. No one “slain in the spirit.” Very orderly. Pure word. Demonstration of authority and power. Just do like what Jesus did. Many were healed during the healing seminar and also the rally on Sunday morning! Pastor Nobel was healed of his complicated heart condition – enlarged aorta, humming heart and leaky valve! After the healing command, he was able to jog in place without any shortness of breath. The next day, he swam and went to gym and he felt absolutely alright! Glory to God! 
There were many other healing reports too – deaf ear opened, cysts in the breast disappeared, back aches gone, knee pains gone, etc. A woman suffering from cancer went for a checkup after the seminar, and the report came back that she’s free from cancer! The name of Jesus is glorified! His name is lifted high! The King of kings and the Lord of lords!”  

The forty Malaysian churches represented during the training
1. Acts Generation
2. Agape Seremban
3. Antioch Seremban
4. Banner of Love
5. Bethany of Life
6. Calvary Church
7. Calvary Assembly
8. Church of Praise
9. City Light Church
10. DUMC
11. EHC
12. Empowered
13. Eternal Harvest
14. Everynation
15. FaithLine 
16. FGA
17. FGA Cheras
18. FGA KL
19. FGCC
20. Full Gospel Assembly
21. GA
22. Glad Tidings 
23. Good Shepherd Lutheran Congregation 
24. Grace AG
25. GRCC
26. GT Sunway
27. HCA
28. Hosanna Praise
29. Jesus Saves Mission
30. Kingdom City
31. New Beginning Calvary Chapel Patong
32. New Creation Life
33. Poiema CL
34. RLC
35. SEGM
37. SS Gospel Centre
38. St. Paul’s Anglican
39. St Thomas More, Subang
40. Victory Community Church