Houston-based Dennis Green trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2011

Other reports with Dennis Green


On March 26, 2013 we received the following email from a brother named Willy:

“I have been diagnosed with a Hypertensive Heart Disease that causes severe angina chest pains and narrowing of arteries. I have read a lot about your healing ministry. I need healing and I need it bad. Kindly guide me.”

Then on the following day March 27 Willy wrote us again:

“Please call now! I am in deep pain.”

We then asked Dennis to minister healing to Willy at a distance over the telephone or over skype. Dennis contacted Willy via email, and then ministered to him at a distance from Houston.

Dennis wrote us back on March 27:

“I prayed over Willy. The pain decreased each time I commanded. He felt much better. He will let me know how he is in the morning.”

On March 31 Willy wrote us:

“Praise God! I am happy to report reduced chest pains. I believe the Lord God has healed me.”