Physician Dr. Alice Cook served alongside her husband Clive in Niger for twelve years. As Director of World Horizons in West Africa, Clive hosted The Elijah Challenge in Niamey in November 2002

September 2007

“Greetings from Guildford!

I don’t know if you remember praying for me whilst we were in Africa. I had had a heart attack in 2000, and you ministered healing to me during your stay with us in 2002.

This last week I went for a check up with a cardiologist that I had not seen before. As I told him my past history and he looked at my recent heart reading (ECG) I could tell that he did not believe me. I got out my old notes from when I had my heart attack (I was in France on holiday) and he was amazed. The extensive damage from the massive heart attack was clearly visible on the old ECG but now I have a completely normal ECG. The thing about heart muscle is that it doesn’t regenerate and that once it is damaged — it always shows up on the ECG. He said to me that I was a physiological anomaly (in other words – a walking miracle!) as my heart is completely normal. I told him that I had received prayer, but he said that he was not a believer.”

-Dr. Alice Cook

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