On Saturday, October 6, 2018 in Houston we attended the birthday party of one of our Board members. It just “happened” that someone named Elvin Hayes and his wife Erna were also present. Elvin Hayes of course is on the list of the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players and an inductee in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. He is the ninth all-time scorer and fourth all-time rebounder in National Basketball Association history.

Elvin had suffered from congenital heart failure resulting in what is called a “Left Branch Bundle” and contributing to an enlarged heart. When first diagnosed, his heart rate hovered around 18 bps. In February 2018 while Elvin was driving his heart stopped beating for a time, and an accident ensued. Even after a surgical implant and medication, his heart rate increased only to 30 bps. So at the end of the birthday party that Saturday, we were asked to minister healing to him. We laid hands over his heart and commanded it to be healed and restored in the name of Jesus Christ. Afterwards Elvin remarked that he felt heat in his chest as we ministered to him.

It just “happened” that the following Tuesday Elvin had an appointment scheduled with his cardiologist. There the doctor determined that Elvin’s heart was now functioning within the normal range. His enlarged heart had even returned to normal size.

It just “happened” that the following Thursday evening (October 11, 2018) we were having our Fifth Annual Gospel for India Gala. During my address I shared with our guests how the miracles recorded in the gospels and Book of Acts were being restored in India through our harvest workers—disciples trained in the use of the Lord’s supernatural power and authority over infirmities and demons. Multitudes of Hindus and animists were coming to Christ as they witnessed the compelling miracles the Lord performed through our trained disciples.

Then it just “happened” that Elvin Hayes and his wife Erna showed up at our Gala that evening—to testify how the Lord had miraculously healed him of his congenital heart failure.

After I shared what the Lord was doing in India through our workers trained in the use of the Lord’s power and authority, I asked Elvin and Erna to come up to the stage to share with our guests what the Lord had done when we and others had ministered to him with that same power and authority. 

They came up, and Elvin asked Erna to testify of his miraculous healing. She testified and ended with, “he’s now a new man!” At that moment the Lord was greatly glorified in His people.

Afterwards I proclaimed to our guests: “That is the evidence that Jesus is the Messiah. And that is exactly what we train our workers in India to do as we send them to the harvest field to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom to the Hindus and animists.”

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