“My family history is all males having heart disease and none have lived to be 60. Through technology I am 71 and have had 17 stents and a quad bypass 8 years ago. I have recently been having shortness of breath and can’t pick up a gallon of milk without extreme pain in my left arm.

I saw an article about The Elijah Challenge and requested prayer. The next day I received a call from Elijah Challenge-trained servant of God Lucas (onewaymin.com/blog) who prayed with me over the phone. Immediately I felt my finger tips tingle and I have had NO symptoms since. I believe Christ cured me immediately. I can now walk very fast without gasping for air and my cardiologist whom I saw yesterday said I was doing excellent and will see him in a year. Praise God!”

Howard Yonce

McKinney, Texas
January 9, 2019

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