September 18

Sister Christina in East Malaysia wrote us: “I tried to contact you a few times through WhatsApp but there was no answer. Since September 9 I have been having these very strange symptoms. For the past 3 days the symptoms are more frequent. Occasionally I feel pain in my chest with very irregular heartbeat, followed by a cold sensation and sometimes a very warm, burning sensation in the body. It was very unbearable.

Each time I exercised authority to rebuke the symptoms in Jesus’ name. The symptoms would disappear and my high blood pressure would instantly drop from 169/89 to 126/74 and my heartrate from 81 to 74. I really need you to minister to me. Could it be my physical health or is it spiritual warfare? I long to hear from you. Last night at 12:30 am the symptoms reappeared. The last two nights it appeared at 4:00 am. I find it very difficult to sleep.”

That same day from Japan

We wrote: “We are at the moment in the Tokyo airport on our way to Jakarta, Indonesia. The Lord heal your heart and restore you, dear sister! We are ministering to you right now with authority in the name of our Lord Jesus.”

Tuesday, September 19

Christina wrote: “It is Tuesday morning (9/19/17). I indeed believe the Lord has healed and delivered me after you ministered to me from the Tokyo airport. Since then that heart attack symptoms have gone and yesterday the whole day till now that tight feeling or pain on my chest and very irregular heartbeat did not appear. I have just consulted with a doctor for a checkup with an ECG. Praise the Lord the report shows that my heart is in good condition with no sign of a heart attack.

Praise the Lord for His quick deliverance for me from my 8 days of repeated torment. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!!!!”

Thursday, September 19

Christina wrote again: “It is now Thursday night 11:00 pm and I am reminded to send out my above message written to you on Tuesday as I wanted to wait for a few days more just to be sure. In Jesus name I declare wholeness, healing and perfect health is mine!!!”