Pastor Noble & Anoja Rajkumar of Calvary Assembly in Western Australia

I attended an Elijah Challenge Training Event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from the 20th to the 22nd of July 2017. It was taught by an Elijah Challenge Trainer from America and hosted by Faithline Foursquare Church in Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur.

My heart condition was a leaking valve (blood flowing back in the heart), hardening of the heart and an enlarged aorta. The other condition was fully blocked non-essential arteries.

I have had this condition according to doctors’ reports from 2012 when it was first diagnosed. However, I do know that many of these symptoms have been there before but I just did not know it was to do with my heart.

On the first day of teaching, during the demonstration time, the Trainer called out to the audience to ask if anyone had a heart issue that needed healing. I was sitting in the front row and I put up my hand. He proceeded to demonstrate by asking three men to lay hands on me while he spoke forth words based on his teaching of authority and in such a way commanded healing in Jesus’ name. Everyone present repeated the command after him.

After the demonstration, he asked me to do something I could not do before. Jokingly, he asked me to lift up my wife (but I also thought he was quite serious about it). I replied saying it is not a matter of my heart but a matter of my muscles. We all laughed. However, I jogged on the spot for a couple of minutes with the Trainer doing the same and came out at the end of the jogging without any of my usual symptoms of heart weakness. We took this as God having done something.

The next day I persisted to do aggressive exercise in the pool and walking. I did not feel my usual symptoms of tiredness, or tiredness of the eyes, breathlessness and wanting to sleep often. This was further tested out by my walking around shopping centres (which was a big no-no for me as I would get tired easily within half an hour).  I did not go to sleep in the afternoons as I usually did after a meal when I could not even stay awake for fifteen minutes after my afternoon meal. There was no tiredness in my eyes which was my early warning signal, and now I can walk and drive almost all day and not feel any tiredness or sleepiness.

I do experience pain and tightness around the chest from time to time but I think it has more to do with another problem I have which is GERD (my esophagus pushing up on my stomach). I am waiting to do an echocardiogram to find out how much of a physical change has taken place in my heart.

I give all the glory to God and thank the Elijah Challenge Trainer for praying over me and my friend Pastor Ashok in Malaysia for inviting me to take the journey from Australia to Malaysia for this Training Event. It was a step of faith. However, I had declared to myself as a positive confession that I was healed even before I went to the Training Event.  I believe that all these things worked together as per Romans 8.28.

Only believe!

Pastor Noble Rajkumar
Calvary Assembly
Bunbury, Western Australia


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