Extraordinary reports from our harvest workers in India

“Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support. The Lord is doing a mighty work in our harvest fields through our trained Elijah Challenge workers.

Here are some more reports for you… 

  • A Hindu Brahmin man named Rahi Das suffering from kidney failure. He was unable to work. He was so weak he could not even ride his motorbike. After being under medication for a few months he was still not well. He had lost all hope in this life. But when he heard about our Elijah Challenge worker, he went to see him at his home. For three days he kept coming to his home for ministry. The Lord miraculously healed him from his kidney disease. Then he got on his motorbike and rode for 100 kms with no problem. He accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. Afterwards the Lord gave him opportunities to minister to four sick people, and they were miraculously healed from various diseases.  

  • In a village called Gudari there lived a man suffering from severe jaundice. Although he had spent Rs. 35000 (or about US$500) on treatment, he remained very sick. When our workers stopped by to see him he was actually unconscious. When they ministered him, his senses returned immediately and he woke up. Within few days he was completely healed. Before his eyes was yellow, and he had difficulty when urinating. But he was completely healed. He accepted Christ.
  • A woman named Puspanjali lived in a village called Balrampur. Her father worked as a mason in the big city of Hyderabad. A spirit would attack her from time to time causing her much suffering. She would feel something pressing down on her very heavily causing her much pain and difficulty breathing. After a few minutes the pressure would leave. These attacks would take place especially when she listened to Hindu worship music from the temple. 

A few days earlier she and her family returned to Balrampur from Hyderabad when she suffered another attack. Her neighbor knew us, and sent them to us. They came to us and explained all that had happened in Hyderabad. I ministered to her in the name of Jesus, and she was delivered from the attack. But a few days after going home when she was again listening to Hindu worship music, the demon attacked her again. Her mother called me, and I ministered to her over the phone. The Lord delivered her instantly. From that day onward there were no more attacks. Puspanjali is now strong in faith and is no longer bothered by the Hindu worship music emanating from the temple every morning. Praise the Lord.

Puspanjali and her mother

  • A man named Ram was suffering from heart disease. Our workers laid hand on him and ministered to him. Our workers came to know that he drunk on that day. Our workers  asked him tomorrow  you don’t drink wine as we will minister to you. His wife kept him inside the room and he did not drink on next day. Our workers ministered to him  again and lord touched him and he was healed. He said that he used to drink, because of depression, both of them accepted Christ. He left the drinking alcohol.
  • Ten families lived a village called Boringpadar. Our workers went to visit a family of a man named Laba Sabar. Both his wife and daughter were sick—his wife suffering from a tumor in her stomach already causing pain for three days. His daughter’s leg was swollen. Over two days our workers ministered to them with much authority and power in the name of Jesus. On the third day Laba’s wife felt no more pain, and she felt very comfortable. Her daughter’s swelling had also gone down. They went to the doctor for his wife to be examined. Praise the Lord there was no more tumor. 

All the glory to God.”

Elijah Challenge Coordinator in India
April 20, 2019