Subodh Jena Kumar of Orissa, India has hosted The Elijah Challenge twice

Subodh Jena Kumar Reports

April 13, 2012

The people of Jamguda, which is one night’s journey from Bhawanipatna, are the Dalit Hindus—the lowest caste, “untouchables” of India.  Jamguda is a very remote place, and the road there is very poor.

During the Feeding Event the Lord did mighty things for these Dalit Hindus. There were over three hundred of them for the Feeding Event. At the end a total of two hundred and seventeen people stood and raised their hands to accept Christ.


After the Gospel message when we started to minister to the infirm, there were two demonized women who started screaming, shouting, and jumping. When I commanded the demon spirits to leave in Jesus’ name, immediately both of them fell down to the ground. Within a few minutes the demons left them. Everyone was astonished to witness this.

Immediately many people surrounded me and asked me to minister to them for the healing of their infirmities and diseases. I have never experienced such a thing before. After I ministered to them [at a distance], I asked how many were healed. So many people came forward to testify that the Lord had healed them.

A sorcerer was present, a man from that village. I was told that as he was watching all those things, he was shaking and shivering.  It seemed that he was not able to withstand the manifestation of the power of God. He was asking, “how could it be happening?” He was told that Jesus is true and that His miracles are real and powerful. The Lord had touched many people and healed them.


—–There was an old woman who was carried to the meeting by auto rickshaw. She was not able to sit or stand for many years because of her back pain. They led me to the auto rickshaw to minister to her. She did not come and sit in the meeting, but for a long time she was able to sit in the rickshaw and listen to God’s word.

— A young man named Kartik had a hearing problem for the last five years. He could hear only when someone right next to him spoke loudly. The Lord touched his ear and he was able to hear with no problem.

—– A woman named Nirupama was suffering from stomach pain for the last two years. There was a small stone inside her stomach. Because she did not have the money she had not gone for an operation to have the stone removed. Praise God she was healed miraculously and the stone vanished.  

—– Sita Rani had fallen in her bathroom six months ago, and she could not use her hand freely because of pain in her elbow. After I ministered to her she was healed.

There were many other healings which took place. Many young men came and waited in line to testify, but it was late and we had no time for their testimonies.

Thank you for your prayer and cooperation which is enabling us to minister to [unreached] people groups. If we keep pastors in these places for church planting, I believe the Church will grow very fast.


Hindu Dalits accepting Jesus Christ


Above & below: Demons throws women to the ground as they leave



First woman above testifies she has been set free from the unclean spirit




Feeding the untouchable Dalits



I received two requests: a sixty-year-old woman came to me and said, “Pastor if you can come and minister in my native place where thirty-four Hindu families live (approximately 95 Hindu people altogether), they may come to know the Christ.”  I understood from her that both Oriya and Telgu people (from Andhra Pradesh) live there.

A brother who helped us to organize this event told me that twenty kilometers from Jamguda there is a big Hindu village where around seven hundred people reside. If we arrange a Feeding Event there, Christ can be preached.

April 19 Follow up

I am very glad to write you this testimony as I have heard that nine more healings took place. At the Feeding Event there was a man who brought the tent & sound system. He is a high caste Hindu. He was standing near to me and was controlling the system. He heard the gospel and saw how demons came out of people within moments in Jesus’ name. He did not say anything to me after the meeting. The next day he came to our contact person and asked him who is Jesus and how in His name demons would leave within moments. He described how a demon lives in his house. (A sorcerer requires money, a chicken or goat, a coconut, rice, candles and other things for his ritual, and on top of that he takes too long.)

 But he really wondered after seeing the power of Jesus’ name at the Feeding Event.  Our brother briefly explained to him about Jesus. He was very much interested to know more about Jesus, and was brought to me. I could see his eager interest about Jesus. I told him I would send the New Testament to him to read and that I would help him in the days ahead. I believe surely he will accept Jesus. He will need follow up. The new believers of Jamguda requested me to go there at least once a month. The miraculous healings and the Feeding Event are very helpful for making disciples.

In His service,