Carl Henderson trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2006  

The Elijah Challenge Training in Crete April 19th to 26th (2017) in Crete, Greece – 7 people were healed

While teaching and training at a leadership conference in Crete, Greece, I informally conducted The Elijah Challenge on a small group on the last day of the session, after they had responded that they needed prayer for healing.  Seven people were healed.  One was an Albanian Pastor’s wife who had been suffering from severe back pain for 8-years.  In fact, she had been carrying a hot water bottle for her back, and leaning against it in her chair, for the previous three days of lectures.  She had been using the Hot Water bottle for so long that even her much younger children knew how to fill it and help her by placing it behind her back.  Dealing with the pain and the hot water bottle had become a family ritual. 

My oldest son, Nethaniel and I placed our hands on her back and pronounced healing.  As we did this she began to move back and forth as if she was trying to swing a “hoola-hoop”.  I assumed she was trying to do some “charismatic” over-reaction so I asked her what she was doing.  She said, “I don’t know, that was not me”.  We attempted to heal her again and again she began to wiggle all over the place and almost fell down and we had to catch her to keep her from falling.  We then had her sit down and again we laid our hands on her back, between her and the chair, along with some of the women who were there.  She now seemed to be in worse pain than before and the whole thing was becoming a little embarrassing as she was noisy and writhing in pain.   It seemed like instead of healing we had somehow made it worse.  She told us, “It seemed like it was getting better but now the pain was worse than ever.”  She asked us to stop so we stopped and moved on to the other people there. 

That night she said she continued to experience extreme pain and she felt like the joints were moving or breaking in her back.  In the morning, she woke up completely healed and hurriedly sent us a message praising God and thanking us.  Although I always push for instant healing, we have seen this happen in dozens of cases where the complete healing took a night or a few hours more. 

Another women had rheumatoid arthritis all over her body, and all of her joints hurt.  She insisted that we just “pray for her hands” which were in the worst pain.  We gave the commands and she just thanked us and walked away even though she admitted she felt no difference.  I told her I wanted to continue commanding and she thanked us and walked away.  About 20-minutes later she came running back and told us all the pain was gone from her hands and she wanted us to heal her whole body.  We commanded just one time, in the power and authority of Jesus name and then she suddenly smiled and began to swing her arms around and shout “it’s gone, it’s gone, it’s all gone.”  She rejoiced and hugged us and went on her way rejoicing.  I saw her several times later testing her shoulders, moving her arms around, smiling, crying, and telling others, how God had healed her.  Whenever she would notice me looking at her from across the room, she would smile and give me a thumbs up sign, with her formerly arthritic hands.  In all seven people were healed at this informal and “ad hoc” Elijah Challenge healing session.  I am hoping and expecting to be invited back to teach the whole Elijah Challenge Training seminar in the future.


Reports from Carl Henderson


Sixty-three Healed at a Distance in Poland
Cancer healed at 2016 Elijah Challenge Training


Polish believers worshiping before The Elijah Challenge Training with Pastor Carl Henderson

April 28th to May 1st (2017) in Kelece, Poland, we conducted a leadership seminar and “School of Deliverance” for over 600 people.  On the second day of the seminar I did a brief introduction to The Elijah Challenge and healing.  Because the numbers were so large and I only had one trained assistant (my oldest son Nethaniel), and there was no room at the front of the stage, so I did healing at a distance.  I had everyone with knee, foot, back, neck, hand, shoulder, abdominal, joint or headache pain stand.  On my first command of healing, two people came forward to give testimonies of healings.  On my second command, about twelve more came forward and testified.  On my third command many, many more came forward and in by the time the testimonies were completed we were out of time and the venue was closing.  One of the people healed was an elderly Security Guard, who was there to work crowd control.  He came running down and insisted on giving his testimony of how his elbow pain, which had bothered him for years was healed.  He said, “I thought, since I was here already working, I would just give it a try.”  He told us, “I am not even one of you guys and I got healed.”  He went on in Polish to explain, “This is real, it works, and you Christians are real”.  Then he apologized and said he had to get back to work and he ran off of the stage and back to his post.  Every time I saw him or passed him over the next two days he would always step up and shake my hand.” Some of the Polish pastors evangelized him also.  At this point 51 people had been healed. 

When I was walking back to the hotel with my interpreter she said, “You need to change the count because my feet have been hurting and bothering me this whole time I have been on stage interpreting for you, and when you were healing the others I was healed.”  She said, “She was waiting for the walk back to the hotel (which is about a half mile) to see if the pain was really gone but it is gone, and I am healed too.  I am number 52”.   We rejoiced despite the cold wind we were fighting on our way back to the hotel. 

The next day, near the end of the conference a woman asked me, “Do you remember me?”  She said, “Last year when you were here with your wife, you prayed for me to be healed of cancer.”  I asked her if she was the woman by the wall next to the middle door, she said “yes that was me.”  I had often wondered about her because she had looked so withered and gaunt at the time and she was so confident that God had healed her that she did not want me to keep commanding.  With internal illness which have no symptoms to be obviously relieved or pain to relieve, I like to command healing several times.  After the second command “she had insisted she was healed.”  She told me, “She felt better from that time onward, and she went back to her doctor two months after I had commanded healing and they could not find any traces of the cancer.”  She told me “She has been cancer free for over 12 months now!”  We hugged and shed many tears of joy.  (I included her and her husband’s photo), she is no longer quant and sickly, she is the picture of health, by the grace of God, and by the power of His name!

At the close of the School many people came to me for prayer with more serious ailments or illness that they did not feel any pain with at the time.  It is hard to say if these were healed since they did not have any current symptoms.  But eleven more people were healed of eye injuries, damaged ears, joint pains which not been healed at a distance.  Interestingly, when I commanded at a distance, many had improved but they were not completely healed,.  Now they were healed very easily, when I laid hands on them and commanded.  A total of 63 people were healed during the two days of The Elijah Challenge in Poland. 


Commanding healing through my interpreter in “Jesus Name”


Testimonies of healing of hip and back pain
My interpreter in her bare feet before her foot pain was healed


Cancer healed one year ago during The Elijah Challenge! 
Pastor Carla with her husband the cancer victim no more…
So exciting to see how God heals and restores his children!


More testimonies of healing knee and back pain


Demonstrating her healing


52 healed the first day and 11 more on the second day in a healing line for a total of 63 healed. ITS NOT OVER UNTIL ITS OVER!