Nzega, Tanzania, 615 Pastors and leaders trained, and 48 people healed

Nzega, Tanzania, we trained a crowd of 615 people in The Elijah Challenge.  Most of the crowd were pastors, church leaders, and their wives.  By the end of the second day of training (on Friday, December 4th), we started ministering healing to infirm people based on what had been taught in the Training.  Because the building had 600 people we had very little space for the people to come forward for healing.  The large number of chairs packed into the building, created a very limited space at the front of the building, where the pulpit and stage were.  So after the training, I decided to conduct healing at a distance first. 

I asked all who had knee injuries, back injuries or hip pain to stand up.  I instructed them to lay hands on the injured areas and we commanded healing in Jesus’ name. Immediately, twelve people were healed.  Then I had all those with headache pain stand up and join the few who were not previously healed.  In total, 20 people were healed at a distance.  Then I had those who were healed, to come forward to give glory to God and share about their healing. 

From this group, I chose four men and four women to remain in front to heal those who still needed to be healed.  As they started off with the commands in English and Swahili, I immediately noticed we had a problem as some of those who were supposed to be healing with the “power and authority of Jesus name” had reverted back to their old habits of praying for the sick with their eyes closed.  I stopped all the training to correct this error.  I warned them that if they wanted to see few miracles then they should pray for the sick but if they wanted to see many miracles, they should command healing in the power and authority of Jesus name.  

With this corrected we went back to commanding healing.  Many injuries were healed, one man’s cloudy eyes and poor vision were restored, some with numbness and lameness were healed and many of us were sick from food poisoning from the previous day’s lunch.  I thought I was the only one who had spent the night with severe headache pain, fever, and a general lack of energy, diarrhea and vomiting.   It turns out many had food poisoning and they were healed of their symptoms also. 

In all more than 48 people were healed and 615 people were trained in The Elijah Challenge.  Many praised God, smiled big and thanked me for the teaching them and showing them this wonderful Biblical tool, which they could use in their ministries.   One pastor told me, “What a wonderful thing for making God real to people who don’t believe.”  Another said, “Pastor Carl, I feel so excited about this healing training, I only wish I had known this 15 yeras ago when I first started serving God.”   Another told me, “For sure, now we have a real way to deal with Muslim stubbornness towards the gospel.  We will heal them in Jesus name!”

Pastor Carl Henderson is based in Texas

December 4, 2015