Debi F. of Covington, Louisiana attended The Elijah Challenge Training twice

I pray daily for lots of folks (mostly remotely) and hear back very often that they have their healing, praise God!

Here are some more memorable ministry opportunities:

      • Lady healed of breast cancer — I laid hands on her and commanded all cells in her body to come under the authority of Jesus Christ! Rebuked the cancer!  She is cancer-free! Just celebrated her birthday last week.  Praise God!  He is faithful! 
      • Deliverance from drug addiction – 2 teenagers from a distance, spoke Freedom to their minds, souls, bodies to love and serve the living God with a pure heart; who Jesus sets free is free indeed!  Kept at this for several days.  2 teenagers from different families (one young lady and one young man) both walking in freedom today from drugs and doing VERY well according to their parents, praise God!  So grateful to God for these families!  Recently, both of these mothers began attending my Bible Study!  They want to know more about this miracle working God.  I am in awe.
      • Young man healed of dangerous meningitis and his hearing restored after taking high doses of strong antibiotics — prayed from a distance as you taught us from The Word! Most encouraging!

I notice that I am ministering to a lot of Catholic families and seeing good results.  They are asking questions and are willing to learn more about the work of the Holy Spirit.

Basically, it’s just habit now!  You taught us about this Kingly Role that we should walk in it.  Thank you so much!  We speak what God would say whenever we hear of a need and we tell them “The Kingdom of God is near to you!”.  I do want my faith to grow more and more and to influence others faith to grow.  

My own personal healing from two defective heart valves and chronic neck pain from a bad car accident years ago and severe allergies (all supernaturally healed by God’s miracle working power) put me on the road several years ago to helping others realize this wonderful power of God for His sheep and to prove that He is the Most High God King Jesus to those who do not yet know him as such.  

To all who wish to learn, I teach them what I was taught from the Scriptures and introduce them to your materials.  I have one lady with whom I will be working with one-on-one over the summer to cover all that I have learned on healing and salvation through miracle healings, etc… and I will introduce her to you through your material and website, etc.  I will invite more as the Spirit leads me, because not all are ready to step into this work of the Lord.

I hope this is encouraging to you!