After The Elijah Challenge was taught in Adelaide in 2009, evangelistic outreaches have been held there each month in Whitmore Square. Below is the August 2019 Report from Elijah Challenge co-worker Richard Hawke.

The first Outreach in Whitmore Square was held in 2009

“Once again we experienced the amazing power of God at the Square last Friday. Thank you again for praying. 

As we drove to the square it poured down with rain.  A voice inside my head said “There is no way you will have an outreach today”. It has been raining most of the afternoon and the outlook was bleak.

As a team we began setting up. It was still raining. The only people at the park were a small group of aboriginal people trying to keep dry under a tree. The Police were attending to them as they had alcohol in their possession. (The police mentioned to one of our team that axes and knives were confiscated from two aboriginal groups in conflict the previous night).

The rain continued to fall and the wind picked up. Our team gathered in a circle to pray. We took authority over the clouds and the rain and the wind in Jesus’ name. As we did the conditions worsened. It even began to hail. It was like the enemy was out to intimidate and discourage us. We wondered what people looking on must have thought!

However, within a short time the rain stopped. The wind died down and miraculously we were able to hold a full outreach in dry (though cold) conditions. Even the sun came out (see photo)! Just right at the end as we packed up did we have a light shower.

Only given a few minutes notice, Lloyd shared his story with the small crowd. He shared of his experience of alcoholism and how it nearly destroyed his life. We had a number of significant interactions afterwards with those who came and an opportunity to pray for some. Some took literature, others were grateful for warm clothes. One woman, who has been many times over the years, took a backpack swag as she wandered off in the darkness to find her squat. We finished with the BBQ where those who came enjoyed steak, home made patties and salads. 

As we prayed together after packing up, we expressed our gratitude to the Lord for doing the impossible once again in our midst.

Warm wishes,
Richard and Garth