Richard Hawke & Neville Krieg lead Elijah Challenge South Australia

February 2013

The Elijah Challenge in Australia

It was good to be back at the Square again after the summer break. It was a hot day which may have kept some of the homeless community away. However, we can report a very fruitful time once again. Often it seems that when numbers are smaller God does a deeper work which is certainly true of Friday.

Again a simple, Bible message was proclaimed. Those who came sat and listened intently, even one man who earlier declared he had no interest in Christianity at all. Two people responded for healing ministry and general prayer. Others sat quietly, reflecting, it seems, on what had just been shared from the scriptures.

There were many opportunities for conversations by a number of the team throughout the afternoon, among them people from the indigenous, Middle Eastern and African communities. Again a number of people took literature from the table…Bibles, New Testaments and testimonies.

One of the highlights was the food that was distributed. Large helpings of cold watermelon was given out throughout the earlier part of the gathering. Then, for the main meal, paper plates were filled to the brim with an array of barbequed meat and salads, many coming back for a second helping. All food is donated at no cost to Elijah Challenge. It is a clear demonstration of God’s generosity and in particular His heart for the poor.

It was a great day. Again we thank God for all He is doing, for the seeds that are being sown each month and for your prayer support along the way. We really value your encouragement and prayers so much.