Peter Pap is a leader at Modern Jesus Army in Northampton, United Kingdom who hosted The Elijah Challenge in December 2011

Reports from Peter & Modern Jesus Army

Reports from the United Kingdom

“The works of the Lord at the Y Not? Festival, held in the Peak District National Park in Derbyshire, 
were absolutely amazing. GOD has really moved with power again. With our small team we healed around 200 people (detailed report below), cast out demons and brought the love of God to many people. At least 4 people got definitely saved and will follow God as a result.”

Y Not? Festival, 2-5 August 2012








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(and Adam)


Bladder infection


Could not check

Ali   Dyslexia Could read without problems  
Katie   Back pain Could not check immediately  
Matthew   Dislocated shoulder (clicking) Healed  
Nicky   Emotional healing, feels lost and empty in a busy world Received godly advice and word of knowledge  
Kelly   Decision time? Curse broken  
Man   Back pain Completely healed  
Dannie   Blocked ear and sensitive to loud music Will check  
Girl   Burn mark on arm (accident while drunk) Did not visibly heal up  
Dylan   Back pain 80% healed (went saying he was happy with the results…)  
Young lad   Restricted movement in elbow (painful) Completely healed  
Max   Painful knee Something clicked in knee during ministry – improved Came back next day to say knee was completely healed, invited Jesus into his life and returned several times – to keep in touch
Sinja   Painful shoulder Improved and received God’s peace  
Dan   Painful ankle Could not check immediately Also had word of knowledge about wrist and received ministry
Tom   Painful knee Completely healed  
Anita   Injured heel 70% healed  
Greg   Pins & needles from broken arm 50% healed – to come back  
Josh (and Sam) Sore back Great improvement  
Sarah   Headache Felt better (not sure if healed)  
Young guy   Peeling hands No visible change  
Andrew   Football injury in knee; had operation but didn’t regain full movement Could not check immediately  
Beth   Has suffered from stress for two years Felt peace Had word of knowledge about her dad whom she didn’t know
Sebastian   Trapped nerve in right hand; painful and restricted movement Pain disappeared and full movement restored Returned several times with other friends
Tatum   Weighed down and anxious – eczema on hands and around eyes Felt better after we rebuked anxiety  
Archie   Stomach ache Completely healed  
Greg   Pain and limited mobility in middle finger of right hand Completely healed  
Daniel   Peace of mind    
Amelia 11 year old Lack of confidence Prophesied over her that a friend at school will really need her friendship  
Charlie 11 year old   Blessed him  
Boy 7 year old   Blessed and prophesied over him  
Jack   Niggly knee Completely healed  
Sarah   Painful wrist/fingers due to arthritis – word of knowledge uncovered unforgiveness – led her in forgiving and release Pain disappeared  
Becky   Swollen, immobile knee Pain disappeared, mobility restored, swelling reduced  
Tori   Tense shoulders Released  
Olivia   Whiplash Completely healed  
Jack   Headache Completely healed  
Callum   Hurting side Completely healed  
Young guy   Stomach cramp Completely healed  
Laura   Pain in lower back Completely healed  
John   Bad back and depression Reacted to the name of Jesus and left Word of knowledge: depression due to guilt
Lewis   Painful scab on foot Pain disappeared  
Luke friend of Max Bad cough / hurting chest Healed  
Gary   Twisted ankle (fell into a pothole) Completely healed  
Susannah     Prayed to know God’s love and why we are here  
Elana 17 year old Emotional healing Word of knowledge led to deliverance and freedom  
Damian   Bipolar Feels great  
Oscar   Headache Greatly improved  
Sophie   Fractured hand Greatly improved Shared about the death of her dad
Grace   Emotional healing Prayed for protection for her journey; she cried and shared she was a backslidden Christian – received more prayer Will keep in touch
Laura saw friend getting healed Aching back Felt relaxed; no more pain  
Courtney   Headache Began by saying,”Yeah, and I’ve still got a heada… actually… oh my God!!” Completely healed  
Reese   Broken, painful thumb 70% healed  
Emily   Broken arm in bandage Healed, full movement restored
“Why the f*** can’t I feel any pain?!”
Archie   Scholiosis (curvature of spine) Better  
Gabby   Brought up Catholic, longs to know the truth but found religion to be a barrier Prayed for her to know truth and God’s love – received well and felt peaceful  
Danny   Stomach pain / allergy Healed  
Rob   Had a stammer from birth Left with hope and confidence  
Lewis   Painful kidneys/back Healed  
Roxy   Stomach acid coming up Could not test immediately Returned because she threw up the first night after prayer.
Lauren   Pelvic pain Said she felt better  
Lauren   Lower back pain 50% improvement  
Oliver (and Annie) Tense shoulders / mother in intensive care Relaxed – we prayed for his mother  
Man   Wanted to lose judgmentalism and disdain for people Said he felt better  
Carl   Wants to stop smoking    
Matthew   Soul healing for father wound    
Jamie   Lower back pain Completely healed  
Name Other info Prayer for Result Follow-up
Joe   Couldn’t bend a finger 50% improvement but left before we could do more  
3 guys   Bad backs All healed  
Ellis   Bad back Healed  
Girl   Restricted movement in knee Healed  
Jacey   Back pain Healed  
Rihanna   Eczema / scalded thumb Prayed for healing but couldn’t test and no visible change  
Claire   Injured, painful and restricted shoulder Big improvement in mobility, felt light  
George   Painful shoulder Better  
Beth   Stiff, painful shoulders Completely healed  
Tanzi   Stiff, painful shoulders Completely healed  
David   Chapped hands from plumbing Pain disappeared  
John   Stress from job Received peace, but no way of testing  
Kirstie   Asked for cleansing from doing bad things and prayed for forgiveness    
Lydia   Neck pain Pain disappeared  
Rebecca   Bad headache Completely healed
“How did you do that?!”
Paula   Has had pain in nerve endings all over her body for 10 years and symptoms of ME Healed, pain gone; also unearthed deeper issues – will come back Also prayed for son Tramane with same problem – he felt better.
Paula came back on Monday to receive more prayer and instruction on how to take authority over sickness herself.
Sarah   Shoulder pain Completely healed  
James   Cracked rib, painful to breathe and move Completely healed  
Hamish   Foot injury Could not test immediately Group of four friends stayed to chat and listen about community while the rain was coming down around us
Matthew Christian performer Chest infection / Difficulty breathing Completely healed Laughed out loud, then prayed for us
Claire   Asthma due to fear Could not test immediately  
Brian (from Oban) Wheat infection on upper back Could not test immediately Shared about oppressive Catholic background; opportunity to speak into his life.
Ben extremely sceptical medical student Pain in lumbar spine Completely healed  
Lee   Depression Felt dizzy, then couldn’t remember why he was depressed, then began to feel detached/free from something that had brought him a lot of anguish
“This is f***ing weird!”
Paul Singer Tension in neck and throat Not sure if better  
Emily   Broke ankle in February 2012 – still painful Healed  
Charlie   Knee locks when squatting or kneeling Due to be tested later  
Julie   Has had MS for 12 years, restricted movement Big improvement  
Jessica   Fear of baked beans Due to be tested later  
Katie   Back pain, wheat allergy, bloated stomach, phobia of needles Delivered from spirit of fear  
Megan   Misaligned shoulders and tense back Noticeable improvement  
Katarina Single mum with one son   Brought God’s love and affirmation to her – very moved  
Young guy   Felt stress over getting into uni Brought a sense of God being with him  
Lauren   Back pain Healed  
Jack   Rib cage / chest pain Pain disappeared  
Scot   Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) Stress left his spine, felt very good  
Jasmine   Back pain Healed  
Charlie   Bad lower back Due to be tested later  
Rory   Bent lower back (bad posture) Some improvement  
Rowena with friend Colette Bad cold and chest infection, wheezy and restricted breathing Clear improvement after 5 goes  
Ben     Prayed for future at uni  
Matt     Slightly confused Christian student finding his way  
Scott   Cam for reassurance as long term girlfriend going away to work abroad for one year As he was talking, Vanessa remembered praying for his girlfriend the night before. He expressed his need of faith.  
Samantha   Shoulder pain Healed Found her faith again
Dean Christian background Shin splints (pain and swelling calf muscles when walking long distance) Due to be tested later  
Lucy   Swollen lips Healed  
Ellis   Restricted, painful movement in right ring finger Healed  
Luke   Suffering sunstroke on face and legs Felt much better  
Jade   Shoulder pain Healed  
Jack   Shoulder, neck and back pain Healed  
Name Other info Prayer for Result Follow-up
Beth brought over by boyfriend Hurting shoulders Healed and felt much better  
Jack and friend Harry Sore, tense shoulder Healed and feeling nice Came back to say thank you and that they had felt hungry but had no money, so they thought God might provide if they asked him – someone came along and offered them free food.
Nick   Sore throat, hardly any voice 50% improvement  
Naomi and a group of very sceptical friends Knee injury from snowboarding in February: difficult and painful to kneel Completely healed  
Alice   Restriction in movement of shoulder blade / back pain Restriction gone  
Chris   Skin irritation on head and neck, no irritation before we prayed though No obvious change / To be tested later  
Bea Max’s friend Stress due to end of year exams at uni Prayed against anxiety and fear of failure  
Shannon   Asked for a blessing Word of knowledge about rejection – delivered  
Paige   Asked for a blessing    
Rob   Pain and restricted movement in right ankle due to skating injury Healed  
Peter   Painful shoulder Completely healed  
Tina   Dodgy knee due to miniscus injury: had trouble bending, severely restricted movement affecting the other knee and hip Healed Shared that she had been raped at 18 – curses broken
Lorraine   Water on the knee Healed  
Girl   Back pains To be tested later  
Matt and group of friends Lower back pain Healed  
Young guy brought by a friend who had been healed Injured his shoulder at Y Not? Movement restored, pain gone  
Vince and friend Barry Knotted shoulder Healed Went to bring friends over who also needed healing
Dan Vince & Barry’s friend Chronic back pain and stinging side when lifting and bending over Healed We explained the healing was done by the power of God and that God loved them and wanted them to know him. Vince said,”How do you do that?” Pete asked Vince and Dan if they wanted to invite God into their lives which they did.
Rob Swan Vince & Barry’s 55-year-old friend Heart trouble (two previous heart attacks) and diabetes Coudn’t test  
Black girl   Asking for antacid tablets for a stomach ache (a lot of people thought we were a First Aid tent) Healed  
Alex Lix and two girls Injured ankle due to sports injury, restricted painful movement in left thumb (broken) Healed, brought forgiveness for the sins of the past Word of knowledge: at the age of seven when he changed school, which forced him into putting on an act for people. He confirmed this was correct. Invited God into his life.
Samantha Alex’s friend Stiff shoulder Healed  
Sara   Was curious and shared about her life Brought her a blessing  
Laura Brought by Sebastian Painful knee Better  
Lyzz   Hayfever To be tested later  
Emma   Mother of two, has separated from husband and now feels lost and disorientated, doesn’t know where to go next Delivered her from a demon of fear – clearly visible manifestation. Picked up her beer and said, “I will go and… give this to someone else.”  
Jo Stall holder (family tent) self-confessed cynic Had trouble sleeping (brain doing overtime), aching limbs Healed
“Oh my God! How does that work?!”
Helen came on Jo’s recommendation
Mother of 5-year-old boy
Aching shoulders, feeling stressed Healed. Followed up by a word of knowledge about rejection and being conditioned by group pressure. She confirmed this was correct; her dad died when she was 15.
She was visibly moved and joyful. “I feel like a child!”
Alice   Sprained back (from jumping over a pool) Healed  
Peter   Dodgy stomach Not healed, worse if anything; he didn’t want to try any further  
Louise Peter’s friend Dodgy stomach Healed  
Rachael   Inflamed achilles tendon Healed  
James   Sea urchin spines stuck in heel of foot, so painful to put weight/pressure on heel Free from pain  
Jess and Emily Broken finger, restricted movement, painful Not healed at all Stayed to chat for half an hour; we talked to her about God’s love etc.
Tom   Stiff, sore shoulders Healed
To girlfriend, “I’m not even sh**ing you – it’s gone!”
Peter drunk Headache Healed  
Girl   Torn ligament from netball injury To be tested later  
Katie   Cut thumb – lost sensation Sensation returned