Butch Berner is an Elijah Challenge-trained missionary in Zambia
July 2013

Reports from Butch Berner

Pastor Enock Sikabowa lives in Sekute Village. He is a dear friend and disciple of Butch. Pastor Enok is a kind and patient man who loves God deeply. He serves as a local church leader, overseer of other village churches and a disciple. He recently surprised us with a letter of thanks. We thought you might enjoy reading it too. 


Dear Rev Butch Berner,

 …many members in all the churches we run need me in time of hospitals –ministering to the sick – knowing how they are doing – deaths-encouraging-evangelizing-showing love to them. Teaching them door to door about tithing and now I have started teaching Pastoral Theology – The Life of Jesus and there are 2 groups that need these lessons. 

I appreciate your thoughtfulness on everything you do. May God continue to bless you and wife for your hospitality. I love you and Janet your wife. We always talk about you. Me and my wife. Because without you I would not have managed to do all the work of God alone. You make me keep running a race to the goal. 

You know for village ministries, I always had fear because of witchcraft, [but now] in the name of Jesus I am enjoying God’s work. Because most of the other churches still consult witchdoctors without knowing God. I am happy for the good and spiritual lessons you have continued feeding us. I don’t know how to thank you or how I will, you know Butch? I have stayed almost 10 years now without any illness and no deaths in our churches.