I have a testimony of a miraculous healing which took place via Facebook Messenger. It took place in February 2012. Here is the conversation I had with a brother named “Handy” in Indonesia on Facebook (not all in one day).

Brother, can you help me pray for my uncle? His name is Uncle Anthony. His birth date is October 28, 1955. He’s now in a coma, and breathing with an oxygen tank. I have prayed and cried with Jesus’ authority, but my uncle is still in a coma, is my faith still not enough? I’m asking for your help, thank you, Brother, I really need your help.

Coordinator: You need to be serious in learning how to heal the sick in the name of Jesus. Faith will grow through hearing the word of God. Trust in His promise that he will heal the sick and He can do it through us. Try to look at my website http://tantanganelia.org/ and specifically do what is written when you’re ready at  http://tantanganelia.org/index.php/pengajaran/30-melayani-orang-sakit/82-menyembuhkan-orang-sakit.

Handy: Brother, I have good news. My brother had just gone through an operation recently, and usually the wound and scar would hurt badly (some threads haven’t even been removed). Then I ministered, telling the sickness to leave, the first time was a failure because I was so nervous, for the second time, though, my brother could directly stand and was completely HEALED! There are still some minor pains maybe because of the threads, but the pain he usually felt from getting up from seating is completely gone. I was really puzzled and wondered how, it shouldn’t have happened. Now the question is, I want my uncle who’s in a coma in Singapore to be healed, is the method and way of healing the same despite the distance from Bandung (a city in Indonesia) to Singapore?  Please help me, Brother. Thank you very much for replying my email yesterday. Hallelujah!

Coordinator: Praise the Lord. The more your faith is practiced, the more it will grow. There’s no problem at all about your uncle. Don’t think and imagine about how hard that sickness is. Nothing is impossible for Lord Jesus and nothing is impossible for those who believe. The way of healing is still the same. The Lord’s authority doesn’t change although it is far away, just like a general who commands his soldier from another country, the soldier will obey. That sickness is under the authority of those who believe. We tell it to leave in the name of Jesus and with a strong faith, then the healing power will flow from the place of the highest.

Handy: Hallelujah! Praise the Lord. Brother, is fasting also necessary? Please help me through prayer. Thank You Brother. God bless.

Coordinator: Yes, I will also help.

Coordinator: I want to minister to your uncle right now. The Word of God says in 1 John 3:8. He who practices sin is of the Devil, for the Devil sins from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was revealed, that He might undo the works of the Devil. I say the Lord has forgiven all your sin.

The Devil’s power is destroyed. The deeds of the Devil that steal, kill, and destroy have been defeated by Jesus. By his stripes we have been healed from all sickness. The Lord Jesus came to give life and life of abundance just as it is written in John 10:10b.

In the name of Jesus I command all power of sickness inside of Handy’s uncle’s body to go out. I take authority on all kinds of sickness that have caused a coma and tell them to leave in the name of Jesus. Be healed by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ that is the same long ago, now, and forever. All powers of the darkness that have caused sickness I reject you in the name of Jesus. Flow now the power of healing. Be healed! Healed completely!

Now I declare God’s healing in the name of Jesus!

Handy: Thank you Brother, I will also pray, thank you for sharing facts of Jesus’ amazing power. The Lord bless you and your family.

Daniel: Yes. You’re welcome.

Handy: Brother, I have good news. My uncle is healed from coma! He is now no longer in the hospital, and is taking a rest for recovery; do you have any email address? I’d like to send you pictures of my uncle and show you his condition. I also want to ask your help for his recovery, thank you Brother, God Bless You. Jesus is great!

Daniel: Praise the Lord. This is my e-mail: ______

Daniel: Now, Handy what you need to do is to ask your uncle to pray to God. First, thank Him for His grace that has healed him from coma and all kinds of sickness. Thank Him for taking your uncle away from death and giving him another chance to enjoy life in this world. Second, confess every sin and believe in Jesus Christ wholly. Promise to live wholly for the glory of Jesus Christ. Third, be diligent and serve the Lord and others in his remaining life. Give testimonies to those who haven’t believed and make himself a “channel” of Christ’s love every day. May the name of Jesus be glorified in your Uncle Anthony’s family and also yours. God bless you.