By Sue, a nameless disciple of Christ in Houston

April 14, 2014

Last Tuesday evening at Brent’s class, a lady was there from my Bible study at West Campus. She had broken her toe and had much pain in her ankles and feet – both feet. 

I asked her if she wanted I go up for prayer and she did. I told her to go to one of the trained disciples along with Rosemary and myself. 

We prayed and then began. The first time we commanded healing in Jesus’ name, we asked we how she felt. She said that one foot was still in pain and the other one was pain free. She got up to leave. But we said we would like to continue if OK with her. 

She sat back down and let us. As we did, she began crying and then she stretched out her legs and feet and moving them all around while still crying a little louder. 

Another trained couple came over and ministered also. When it was over, we asked her how her feet felt. 

She said that she felt burning hot flashes going down her legs. That is why she was crying. She didn’t know what to think.  But she got up with no pain at all!! 

The next day I texted her and asked how she was doing. She said she was great and that she was wearing high heels which she had not done since this happened a couple weeks ago!

Praising The Lord for His healing!