Jaimie Alonso of British Columbia, Canada attended The Elijah Challenge Advanced Training in Houston in February 2008


    Jaimie & Rose Alonso

The Elijah-like Adventures of Jaimie & Rose Alonso in Southwest USA

Convicts in Mexican prison miraculously healed, saved & trained

January 2020 SUMBA REPORT with Jaime Alonso

Jaime’s latest exploit in Indonesia in 2020

Hundreds come to Jesus Christ in Sumba, Indonesia

YouTube Video: Stroke Victim Walks & Talks in Jesus’ name

Filipinos RUN to Jesus after seeing woman dramatically set free from demons

Multiplied miraculous healings bring Filipinos RUNNING to Jesus – July 2014 

Indonesia Report 2014

Glaucoma and heart condition miraculously healed at a distance  

February 2013   The story of Daris San!  

January 2013   MIraculous healings at Calvary Church in Williams Lake, British Columbia  

November 2012   Miracles accompany the gospel in arguably the most dangerous city in the world  

August 2012   Miraculous healings in the name of Isa Almasih bring glory to Jesus Christ  

August 2012   Reaching the unreachable in Indonesia with miracles in the name of Isa Almasih  

August 2012   Fantastic miracles in Indonesia  

July 2011   Cataracts, tumor disappear; 600 pastors to be trained with Youth for Christ in Mexico

March 2011   Miracles among the unreachable Msms in Lombok, Indonesia  

Four churches planted after TEC Training in the Philippines   A result of Jim’s November 2010 Training event  

November 2010   Gays stage mock crusade but end up accepting Christ  

June 2010   Bus driver healed on bus  

January 2010   Brother Elito, trained by Jim, holds Crusade on mountain top; 50 people accept Christ and 8 infirm people completely healed  

November 2009   Every person who came forward for healing at the Crusade meetings was healed  

March 2009   Lady barber healed while giving haircut to Jim  

November 2008   Powerful miracles, stroke victims healed on mission trip to the Philippines  

February through April 2008   Initial reports and testimonies after training with The Elijah Challenge