“Just finished ministry in Rocky Point Mexico. I taught a mini Elijah Challenge course in a state prison of over 350 prisoners in an out door venue. Many cons listening. Close to 30 received healing as I trained each to minister healing to each other. Close to 40 received the Lord as a result of watching the healings after the Gospel was shared. High-lite was a 78 man healed and boxing like Manny Paquio!”

“I was traveling with Pst. Chuy and friends from Phoenix to Rocky Point, Mexico . The border people turned us back at the border because they said we had wrong paper work for the car. We had to be at the prison before 3pm and it was about noon with a 2 hour drive. We turned around and parked the car and walked across the border to arrange for a taxi or bus for the remainder of the trip. When the guards saw us they demanded they search our luggage  While they searched the owner of the car said they were wrong about the paper work and should look again. An inexperienced crossing guard had made the decision and another guard came to help. Seems all was in order and they wanted us to bring the car to them to check it out. After about 45 minutes we were on our way.  
Jaimie Alonso

We arrived at the prison and they checked us through security at 1:22 pm. I started to share about how valued they are to God  and how are thought life can be a prison. Then I started to encourage them to be missionaries in the prison. Maybe 40 men were listening as it was their weekly chapel time. I asked the question that if they were to die tonight, where would they go.
I began to share the mini TEC teaching of the 3 Offices and Why we Fail to heal the sick. The Gospel was shared during this time. I then began the demonstration time and asked for a volunteer to have their back healed. The first fellow came forward. He had pain in his back for 3 months. Instantly he was healed. Then I asked for 3 more. I matched up 3 brave guys to minister to them under my direction. To their surprise all were healed. By this time the crowd was growing, We continued until all had ministry b their fellow inmates. All were healed!
I ministered to a man that had a hernia and 2 ruptured discs in his back. When he bent forward he would almost fall on the floor. After 3 attempts he was pain free and excited. Many guys with back problems testified they were healed, A man that could not lift his arm had it up the air. The crowd was growing as the ministry continued and testimonies were shared. Everyone was excited. It was like a birthday party! After a 78 year old man shared and “boxed” like Manny Paquio I gave the alter call. Lots of heckling going on as well, but almost 40 convicted criminals came forward for salvation and over 30 healed!
These men are now trained in the Eljah Challenge method of evangelism and I pray they will continue to prove the Gospel by healing those they share with and the American pastor’s encouragement.
Just so happens that this pastor is head of the ministerial here in Rocky Point and helping to arrange pastors to come and be trained this week!”
Jaimie Alonso