Iraq veteran AA ( trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2016, and is now producing extraordinary fruit for the gospel in Asia

“This (November 2019) was a great month for salvations and house churches! We expanded into Nepal in the middle of the month (see our new Coordinator below), and they have already planted 3 new churches and led 30 people to the Lord. 

We also expanded into Indonesia, but they wanted further training and will get started now in December. From the leading of the Lord we are now in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, and Indonesia. We are supporting 30 leaders that go out and preach the gospel, plant house churches, train leaders, and oversee the leaders and churches they have planted.

With these 30 leaders and over 5,000 house church members we were able to tell 10,398 people about Jesus, lead 2,718 of them through the prayer of salvation, and plant 84 new house churches! All in one month!”


Nepal Coordinator

AA in India & Bangladesh: 12 new house churches, 1525 prayed to accept Christ, 669 new house church members IN ONE MONTH

AA on The Elijah Challenge