Received from Iraq veteran AA of One Way Ministries (onewaymin.com). AA trained with The Elijah Challenge before and during our mission trip to India in 2016.
“Here are some updates on our ministry and meetings in India and Bangladesh.

I held 4 discipleship training events total.  I trained ordinary believers how to heal the sick like Jesus did. After the training I called up one person with pain in their body. I ministered over them until they got healed. After this I had everyone else that needed healing be ministered to by the other believers. Many of them were healed by ordinary believers. Many people were very surprised as to why the new believers were able to heal the sick. In one meeting I ministered to a Hindu man in front of the crowd that had pain in his body. He was immediately healed and then he wanted to receive Jesus, so I led him through the salvation prayer. 5 minutes later I had him minister to a believer of four years with chronic back and leg pain. She was then immediately healed. It was really awesome to see! One of the meetings in India we had about 500 new believers from our house churches and 200+ unbelievers. I had the believers minister to the unbelievers and many of them were healed and gave testimony. They all received Jesus at the end.
Training local believers
I also had a healing meeting for unbelievers in a village in Bangladesh. It started out with about 50 and grew to about 250 to 300 people. 15 to 20 of them were believers. The rest were either Muslims, Hindus, or atheists. I preached about how Jesus died for their sins and how before He died He preached and demonstrated what He said was true by backing it up with miracles. I told them Jesus is the only way to the true God and that He will demonstrate what I said was true by healing people.
Preaching the gospel in Bangladesh
After I preached I asked a Muslim and Hindu to come up that needed healing.  I ministered to them in front of the group and they both got healed.
Muslim man (shirtless) healed in Jesus’ name
I then asked if everyone believes what I said was true because of the healings they just seen and if they wanted to accept Jesus. They all raised their hands, so I led them in prayer to receive Jesus from Romans 10:9-10. I asked if they felt anything after the prayer. They all smiled and glowed, they said they felt a peace enter inside of them.  People kept coming up from different villages saying that they heard people were getting healed and wanted to see if it was real. It was amazing, almost like a revival,  large groups of people kept coming from different villages for prayer. I would them ask them if they would make Jesus their Lord if they got healed.  Everyone said yes to that challenge and everyone got healed whom we prayed over. 
One old man (about 70) said he heard about Jesus when he was young and always wished someone would come help him receive Jesus. He was sleeping and woke up to people talking about people getting healed by Jesus so he came right over. His bad eyesight got healed and his back got healed. He was so grateful. I gave him a big hug. Another man that was a Hindu also heard about the healings. I gave him the challenge to accept Jesus if he got healed. He hesitantly said yes. My friend Keith from America and I prayed two times for his ankle to be healed. He tested it over and over, then looked at us with the biggest smile and then gladly received Jesus. Their were many testimonies like this. Many of them came saying they or their children were demon possessed and had extreme fear and were delivered. Also, some of them came back to testify that they were healed of other things we didn’t even pray for. We estimate that at about 100 to 200 people prayed the prayer of salvation this day. We were just amazed at how so many people heard about it through other villages and then came to see and how Jesus backed up His words in the Bible just like the book of acts. I am super grateful to Keith and the others that video recorded everything in both meetings. The leaders of the villages were super excited because they only had about 100 believers in the mostly Muslim community and this almost tripled in one day!
We conservatively estimate that 500 people received Jesus as their Lord on this trip. Over 300 were healed. I think this will be a very fruitful trip because I activated people immediately after they were saved. I told them Jesus now lives in them and will heal others through them and that they should share Jesus with their family, friends, and neighbors. They were very excited to hear this. 
I also met with the leaders for our house church ministry to develop a training plan for all the new leaders and members. We are having rapid growth so we also planned for how to manage everything now and for the future.
Last month we had 12 new house churches, 1525 said prayer of salvation, 669 new house church members, 11 new leaders for next month, 483 healings, and 19 new baptisms. Now we have a total of 65 house churches that we oversee now. 
Above & below: two house churches
Also, since we moved the TV show to Chhattisgarh, the family of my coordinator Amit has been seeing us on TV. They are mostly Hindu, but are now opening up to Jesus. Praise God for that!
I just realized that the baptisms are actually a major step in faith for people in India because they have to actually submit a signed and notarized document that says they renounce the national religion of Hinduism and confess that they publicly choose to follow Jesus. If someone gets baptized without submitting this document, the people involved could go to prison for up to 7 years. 
I also designated two, possibly three house church planters in Bangladesh and one coordinator. This will be really fruitful as well. It was really easy to get a Muslim to deny their faith and follow Jesus after the either witnessed or were healed themselves. Many of the Muslims had a frown on their face at the beginning of the meeting, but at the end were glowing and laughing with Joy!
I am putting together a video with some highlights of the trip. I will send later this month. Should be fun, even ministered to a camel driver and two taxi drivers that came to us to lead them to Christ because what they saw Jesus do at the meetings!”