In 1977 our pastor Bob Curry prophesied to us: “if you obey God like Abraham, your days on earth will be like heaven.”

Who doesn’t want “heaven on earth”? But the condition for enjoying heaven on earth was to obey God like Abraham. How did Abraham obey God?

Every disciple knows that the greatest test of his obedience was in Genesis 22 where God told him to sacrifice Isaac, his most beloved son born of a promise when Sarah was 90 years old. Undoubtedly Abraham loved Isaac more than anything else in life. And now he had to give his beloved son back to God. And Scripture records that he obeyed God without hesitation.

Who or what’s our Isaac?

Our “Isaac”, like most Americans, was the American Dream. We would have to give it up. For us that meant we would have to serve God. And how would we serve God?

I had been born again at a Billy Graham Crusade a year earlier in 1976. When I was baptized in the Holy Spirit a year later, I was so touched by the love and presence of our Lord Jesus that I wanted give up my advanced degrees (I was within about a year of getting my Ph.D. at the University of California) to serve the Lord fulltime. I made the decision to obey God radically like Abraham and give up everything we knew and loved in America. We would go to Indonesia and preach the gospel to those who never heard.

But I had to obey God quickly

Like Abraham who the very next morning after he heard from God set out for Mt. Moriah with Isaac, we moved quickly. We made no preparations for the mission field: no missionary organization to train and send us, no church to provide financial support, no invitation from any group in Indonesia. I had not even finished reading the entire Bible.

In July 1978 my wife and I left for Indonesia without any idea of what we were doing to do after arriving, except to trust the Lord to open the way for us.


God graciously opened the way for us to proclaim the kingdom of God fruitfully for the next nine years to souls in remote regions who had never heard. Finally, in 1987, the Indonesian government declared us “persona non grata” and expelled us, forcing us to return home to America.

If you’d like to read our testimony of those nine wondrous years, Dancing on the Edge of the Earth, just click on the link or email us at our address below.

Fast forward now to 2021…

The Lord has graciously fulfilled His promise to my wife and me. Our days on earth are like heaven.

He has taken us to 50 countries around the world where we have ministered and trained tens of thousands of disciples how to heal the sick exactly as Jesus did as irrefutable evidence to unbelievers that He is the Messiah and the only way to the One True God. Some of the servants of God we’ve trained now have their own very fruitful and powerful ministries. We have been told that millions of souls have come to Christ through them.

On June 1, 2021 my wife and I will be celebrating 47 years of a fulfilling and fruitful marriage.

I’m already in my 70s, but…

…am in exceptionally good health. I take absolutely no prescription medications. My blood pressure is like that of a young man, typically around 110/65. I enjoy going to the gym every day.

Recently my wife called a young repairman to look at our kitchen refrigerator which was malfunctioning. During his visit, she told the young man that she was 68 years old. “No way!”, he exclaimed. “You look 41 years old.”

God has fulfilled Psalm 92:14 for us and kept us “fresh and green” in our “old age”.

Our three daughters, all born on the mission field in Indonesia and raised in America, are doing well in the Lord. Our youngest is now serving as a missionary back in Indonesia along with her American husband and two little girls.

We are enjoying much peace and fulfillment, just as the Lord promised us if we obeyed him like Abraham.

And the best is yet to come!

Without our having to raise the funds personally, the Lord has been providing for our ministry in a most unexpected way, with much, much more to come soon. With these funds we are and will be training and sending a HUGE army of indigenous workers into the Lord’s vast unreached harvest field in the Third World during these very Last Days to fulfill the Great Commission.

We are blessed that we may be a blessing to the nations

We are called to give away freely what He has so graciously entrusted to us. We train believers primarily how to obey Jesus’ command in Luke 10:9 below.

“Heal the sick who are there and tell them, ‘the kingdom of God has come near to you.’”

If you know disciples who want to be trained to carry out this command for the purpose of sharing the gospel, we can train them for free. Our training videos in English are posted on YouTube, and when available we can also do live trainings on zoom for groups of interested disciples directly in the languages of English, Mandarin Chinese, or Indonesian (bahasa Indonesia).

Email us at [email protected].

Four reports from India within the last week

Here are the four latest reports from our trained workers in India, received within a period of a week:

Girl unable to walk since birth walks, man delivered from epilepsy (Mark 9), woman healed from issue of blood (Mark 5)
Paralytic confined to bed for seven years miraculously healed, accepts Jesus; deaf man hears
Ten-year-old boy mute since birth begins to speak; his parents accept Christ
Man unable to walk after suffering a stroke walks in the name of Jesus