“Dear Rev. Colonel,

Greetings to you in our Lord’s precious name again and hope and pray that you arrived home safe and rested by now.

First of all, on behalf of the church, I want to say thank you so much for your wonderful ministry with us in Yangon. Your training has indeed blessed us in a very special and practical way and also it is biblical. We truly appreciate your hard work so very much.    

I have visited some of those who have attended the seminar and here are some of their joyful and exciting comments about the impact, effect, and outcomes. 

A lady with pain on her right arm told me that she has been suffering that pain every night and could not sleep well. After you have prayed for her, she is now free and the pain has gone and there is no more pain at all and she can now sleep very well every night. Praise the Lord. And her husband was so inspired by all your teachings especially about healing the sick and how to use the power and authority that Jesus our Master has given us as we pray for the sick. As I went to his home, in fact, he was studying all the bible verses from the seminar in details, writing them down the scriptures and telling me that he would memorize those healing verses so that he could use them as he prays for the sick. He was really determined to use the authority and power and preparing himself by re-studying his notes before he goes out and ministers to all the sick. He also told me that he was so eager that if you could have blessed and anointed him for this healing ministry. Or even on the phone until now.

The taxi driver, my elder, told me that he was so blessed in many many ways through your training too. He said, he did not realize that the demons could take a hold in his emotions. Sometimes I want this and that I did not realize that the enemy could temp me to want more and more till I could never satisfy with the outcomes my work. But now, I will not let the devil take a hold in my emotions whether in wanting or need. Also, he learned that it is much easier and faster to use the authority in the name of Jesus to cast the demons out or heal the sick. I was emotionally disturbed by worrying about tomorrow, for the children and change of business and that usually kept me from good sleep. Now, I know the demons start to disturb me as begin to worry for something so now I know how to command those worries to go away and have a very sound and good sleep every night since the training. His wife also told me that she learned that she should be very careful about pushing, slapping, scratching as she prays for the demon possessed person or for prayer for healing to somebody. Also, she can now pray for healing over the phone too. She confessed that she did not use the authority though it was already given to us by our master Jesus for healing or deliverance.

Pastor, I also realized that I must be very biblical and make sure all the styles of our prayers for healing and deliverance. Most of the time, we just imitate what we have seen or heard from others and copy them rather than checking them according to the bible and  to do it in a very biblical way as Jesus and his disciples did in the bible so save time and energy and get the healing right a way without taking so much time as Peter and John did to the beggar at the beautiful gate. There are many that received a fresh deliverance in a very powerful way too. 

In conclusion, I deeply appreciate your training with us so very much and we are all looking forward to seeing you and learning from you more and more in the near future.

May the Lord bless your life and your ministry Seedtime Harvest Ministries for harvesting the nations and raising up many disciples for our Lord Jesus Christ until His return.


Rev. Joseph PD Lian
Victory Community Church
Yangon, Myanmar

The Special Forces Colonel hosted The Elijah Challenge in 2015 & 2016