“I, REV. NGUM PETER, am the President of International Christian Minister Fellowship and also the General Overseer of United Royal Christian Assembly in Cameroon.

I, had the ELIJAH Challenge Training seminar hosted by Rev. ALAN Robinson, USA missionary in the Glory of GOD CHURCH Cameroon from 17th – 21st July 2015.

During the seminar he taught us how to heal the sick as JESUS did.

I witnessed how he healed the sick during the practical sessions and my faith was activated on the last day of the training he gave me the opportunity to minister the word of GOD and to pray over the sick . I ministered healing from a distance (as Jesus did in Luke 7) and two people were healed immediately from chronic pains.

On Sunday, after the training, I went to the church and ministered the word of GOD. I invited the sick for healing and when I prayed miracles happened, all the sick were healed immediately.

Since after the training I have seen GOD heal all the sick during so many of my meetings.

Last month I organized a free healing crusade with Rev. ALAN Robinson as one of the speakers in Cameroon. The first evening I read a scripture in the Bible that says that JESUS healed all the sick that were brought to Him and I told the participants that HEBREW 13:8 says that the same JESUS is the same for ever and He can still do the same. When I prayed, praise GOD all were healed immediately.

One evening on a Friday a sister asked with tears that I would pray over her brother in the hospital who was helpless and unconscious from four days almost like the case of LAZARUS in the Bible. I prayed and commanded the spirit of death to go from a distance. The next day he opened his eyes and asked for food. He is alive up till today. I give GOD all the glory and thanks to Rev. ALAN Robinson and the visionary founder of The Elijah Challenge USA.”




Reports from Alan Robinson