Philadelphia 100% Life Church in Santos, Brazil, led by nationally-known hand surgeon Dr. Tomas Soderberg, has a very vibrant ministry to believers as well as to the lost. During their hi-tech Sunday service the sanctuary was filled up to the balcony with excited and expectant worshipers of Jesus Christ.

We told them that we were not there to teach them how to receive God’s blessing but how to give—not to teach them how to receive healing from Him, but rather how to minister miraculous healing to the lost as evidence to the world that Jesus Christ is in fact the Messiah.

After introducing The Elijah Challenge Training to the congregation, we announced that we would demonstrate what was just taught. In John 14:11-12 Jesus promised that believers would do the miraculous works that he did as evidence to the world that he was in fact the Son of God.

Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the evidence of the works themselves. Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing… (John 14:11-12)

We asked if there was anyone present with a heart condition. Immediately a woman wearing a green dress in the second row raised her hand. We called to come forward up to the stage.

She had suffered from heart attacks, had undergone surgeries and was scheduled for another one. My wife and I laid hands on her and commanded her heart to be healed and restored in Jesus’ name. Afterwards we asked how she felt, and she responded that she felt very good indeed. Then we told to take off her short-heeled sandals and to run around the sanctuary. She complied.



The sister descended from the stage and took off running to the back of the auditorium, then across to the other side of the sanctuary. Returning back to the front still running she had her arms up in the air in triumph and praise to the Lord. After she climbed back up the stairs to the stage we asked her how she felt. She said she felt fine and not out of breath at all, acknowledging that even when walking she would normally have to stop even few steps just to catch her breath. The congregation gave loud praise to God for what they had just witnessed. Video

Then another woman in her late fifties with a litany of physical complaints in her entire body—fibromyalgia to name just one that we could remember—came forward slowly and up to the stage with a definite limp. We asked for four sisters in the congregation to come up to minister healing to her. They laid hands on her wherever she said she had a problem, and as we led them they exercised authority over her infirmities rebuking them and commanding healing in Jesus’ name. Then we told her to walk. She took off not walking but running across the stage, turning left to skip up the steps to the higher level of the stage. She then turned left again and ran back in our direction, down to our level of the stage, and then back down to floor level from where she ran back to her seat near the back of the sanctuary. The congregation erupted in praise to the Lord whose name had just performed great miracles before His people as evidence that He is the Son of the Living God.  Video


Four sisters laying hands on woman at center right

We invited the people to join us for The Elijah Challenge Training which would continue on the following evening, which was Monday. Many in the crowd raised their hands enthusiastically indicating they would be there to learn how to heal the sick as Jesus did as evidence to the world that He is the Messiah. The following evening more people came than we saw at the Sunday morning worship service the day before. Never before in a church have we seen more people on a Monday night (see photos below) than in the Sunday morning worship service!

At right the former Chief of Police of Sao Paulo (retired)


Testimony received following Monday evening session

“My own grandma was healed on the second session on Monday evening, she couldn’t walk without a walking stick and knee compressor but she left the church walking freely and without pain on her knee and in her heart. To testify that she was healed she came back on Tuesday evening without the walking stick and knee compressor. She was really happy with what happened to her and her attitude toward the Word has changed drastically—since now she wants to study the Word and share it with the people around her. …My grandmother’s heart is doing really fine, she actually stopped taking her medicine.”

The one who ministered to this grandmother was her own granddaughter Isabela.

Many more people were miraculously healed of their infirmities as the believers ministered to them with power and authority on Monday evening as well as at the final Tuesday evening session. At the end of the final session they were challenged to take this power and authority over infirmities to the streets, to the beach, and from house-to-house as evidence to the world that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, the very Son of the Living God.

In the aftermath of the Training…

About a week later we heard from Isabela again: “On Friday [after the Training] while we were sharing the gospel at the mall, I exercised the power and authority that Jesus gave us and I was able to share the Good News of Jesus with one lady, She was healed from back pain, we shared why she needed Jesus and explained that He is The Only Way, then she confessed Him as her only Savior and asked that God write her name in the Book of Life. After that she showed us that she had a surgery on her forearm and that it would sometimes swell up and tingle. We commanded the tingling to leave in Jesus’ name, and it left her. We were really happy and encouraged.”

We were encouraged to hear that the believers we trained were already applying what they had learned for the purpose of proclaiming the kingdom of God to the lost.

Report from February-March 2017 Mission Trip to Brazil


A former Miss Santos (center & below) leads worship at Philadelphia 100% Life Church in the city of Santos


Senior Pastor Dr. Tomas Soderberg, M.D. translating for us
(Dr. Soderberg, an expert hand surgeon, operates the largest clinic in Latin America)