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Reports from John Latini

Sunday, February 17, 2013 in church

Robert K. called our church from Tennessee to give his amazing testimony during our Sunday service of being healed of Bell’s Palsy as I ministered to him at a distance from Pennsylvania (it was awesome).

After his testimony I ministered to those needing healing. A woman named Fran came forward.  She had dark sunglasses on as she just had surgery on both her eyes. Fran stated any light especially sunlight really hurt to look at and she was not happy with her recovery since the surgery. I had her take off the glasses and put my hands over both of her eyes. I commanded in Jesus’ name for her eyes to be completely restored. After ministering for a few minutes I removed my hands from eyes and said, “So how is your vision?”

She immediately turned to the window to look at the sunlight and started crying as both her eyes were completely healed. She took the dark sunglasses (these are medical sunglasses) and held them in the air, proclaiming she no longer needed them as Jesus had healed her.  After the service she walked out staring into the sky, thanking Jesus for healing her.