“Could you speak healing with us in Jesus’ name over my aunt’s right thumb? She got it caught in a door and might lose it. I don’t think she’s a believer. Jesus spoke the word and even from a distance it was done.”

“Yes, we can. In the case of Luke 7 where Jesus “said the word” and the centurion’s servant was healed at a distance, Jesus was clearly glorified as we read the account.”

Later we received the following email:

“Thank you! My husband and I called her and spoke it out over the phone and people from the prayer warriors group were doing the same, and she said her finger is so much better!! Where there was no feeling, there is now feeling; where there was no blood flow, there is now blood flow; and where she wasn’t able to move it much, she can now move it freely! Praise Jesus!!! After commanding some healing and then praying for her sounds like she might have been a believer- I had no idea 🙂 I’m attaching her testimony in another email. I think God was bringing both physical and inner healing tonight. She’s a nurse so she knew the true state her thumb was in and that she might lose the tip, and so she very much knew what the Lord was doing and was praising Him for it. And she thanked us for being His vessels to bring it. God got the glory for sure. And we wouldn’t have prayed as we did had we not been to your training, so thank you for equipping us!!” 

“This before pic is with a couch or something like that in the background. And you can see that the tip of her finger is white. I think it had been like that since Wednesday. We found out about it Friday and prayed over it that day.”
“The pic with the towel shows her thumb pink now that blood flow has returned. It might not look like a lot in the photos, but to a nurse it was huge.” 🙂
Testimony submitted on January 6, 2017 by A. M. who participated in The Elijah Challenge Training on December 16-17 in Houston, Texas