City of Miri, State of Sarawak, Malaysia
September 2013


The Elijah Challenge Training in the city of Miri appears to have been fruitful. On Saturday evening and Sunday evening we conducted evangelistic healing rallies where the Lord healed many as the newly-trained disciples ministered to them. On both nights lines of people who were healed waited on the stage for their turn to testify that Jesus had healed them. Their testimonies proved that He has authority to forgive sin and that He is the only way to the Father.

​Below are two YouTube videos of the testimonies:​

Part 1:

Part 2

On Saturday night one woman in her late forties who had come forward with a heart condition to be healed began to run back and forth across the front of the spacious auditorium. I had expected her to run back and forth perhaps just a couple of times, but she kept running and running. Halfway she took off her clumsy sandals and ran barefoot back and forth and to and fro before a delighted crowd of people. The Lord had healed her.

Quite a few of those who testified were older native women whose earlobes had been stretched down to below their shoulders…a traditional practice among their people. See the photo below.

The believers are excited and plan to use what they’ve been taught to reach the lost—especially the followers of the predominant religion here (originally from the Middle East) and those in villages deep in the interior.

Our Indonesia Elijah Challenge Coordinator Davy H. who had been flown in for the event by our hosts trained the Malaysian-speak disciples very effectively. (Malaysian and Indonesian are quite similar languages.) By far the majority of the testimonies of healing on the two evenings were from Malaysian-speaking people and not from English-speakers.