On a Saturday evening a woman suffering from painful cancer was brought by friends to a meeting at Igreja Batista do Povo (People’s Baptist Church) in Grajaú, São Paulo where The Elijah Challenge Training was being conducted. Due to the pain from the cancer she could walk only slowly with crutches and had to be helped. She was unable to put much weight on her feet.



She had gone to church as a child, but no longer followed the Lord Jesus. After attending the Elijah Challenge Training, some friends told that she could either come to church that evening or continue to suffer in pain. She decided to come.

At the meeting trained believers laid hands on her and the congregation rebuked the cancer with authority in the name of Jesus Christ. She could feel the healing power of Jesus Christ flowing and working in her body. Afterwards she testified that the pain had completely disappeared.  The congregation erupted in praise to the Lord.


Afterwards she made the decision to come back to the Lord Jesus. Before leaving the church facility later that evening completely unaided and on her own, she turned and lifted the crutches high up in the air!



Earlier that day trained believers had gone door to door in their community healing the sick and proclaiming the kingdom of God as Jesus commanded his disciples in Luke 10.

Luke 10:9 Heal the sick who are there and tell them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.’

In the same meeting later that evening about nine of the trained believers testified that the Lord had graciously enabled them to carry out these commands as they went from door to door. People in the homes with infirmities and pain in their bodies had been healed in the name of Jesus Christ. The gospel, confirmed by the miracle of healing they had just experienced, had been shared with them. About a half dozen new people came to church that evening.

February 14, 2016

The Elijah Challenge in Brazil