In January 2018 The Elijah Challenge Training was hosted by Pastor Greg Violi of Tabernacle of David in Lage, Germany near Dusseldorf. At the Saturday evening session, a man brought his stricken wife to the church in a wheelchair. She had been confined to her wheelchair for six years due to extreme pain in her body. Her physician could not determine the cause of the pain, and so could only give her morphine patches. At this session trained disciples gathered around her wheelchair. After prayer, they commanded her to get up in Jesus’ name. They then helped her up, and she began to walk for the first time in six years and without any pain. She was then reconciled back to her husband, and afterwards together they walked down the aisle of the church hand in hand as everyone hummed “Here Comes the Bride.”

At the end of the meeting she was walking around on her own completely normally. As she was leaving the church she was pushing her wheelchair out the door.



Testimonies of miraculous healings by believers in Germany after training via Livestream


The Elijah Challenge Training in English & German 
(Training Sessions 1 – 6 begin about 55 minutes after Worship)
The Elijah Challenge Training in Russian