Rob Short is based in Arizona and trained with The Elijah Challenge
August 2013 Report

Rob Short’s reports

“An African woman in Arizona was in the last stage of terminal cancer. After I commanded the sickness to leave her body in Jesus’ name, she was completely healed.  I used the time of ministry with her also to teach the ministers who called me there—how to operate in the “kingly office” (as opposed to the “priestly office” and the “prophetic office”) as I had learned in The Elijah Challenge. We were really excited to get the good report that she was fully cancer-free after she went back to the doctor.

The “kingly office” restored to the Church of Jesus Christ

I did not waiver in faith even though outwardly things at first did not look good for her.  When you command with mountain-moving faith people are healed in Jesus’ Name.   Praise God and thanks to The Elijah Challenge for their ministry to train nameless disciples like me to do the works that Jesus did: according to John 14:12.  The sister would not be alive today if it had not been for The Elijah Challenge training.  Her husband is a pastor and was really happy to see her healed.”