Subodh Jena Kumar is based in Orissa, India
February 2013


Subodh Jena Kumar Reports 

Last week a woman was admitted in very serious condition to a hospital called Mahana (285 kms from us).  She had birth pangs and was supposed to give birth on the day determined by the doctor.  However, for three days she was not able give birth despite medicine and an injection by her doctor.  At last her doctor to perform a Caesarean Section to take out the baby.

The private doctor required twenty-five thousand rupees for the operation. But this poor family decided to wait since they could not afford the money. Desperately they called me from the hospital and informed me of all this.

I ministered to her at a distance over the phone. Praise God, after a few minutes the woman gave birth to a baby boy in the normal way. The doctor could not believe how it was possible as they had waited for three days. This miracle was witnessed in a hospital demonstrating the glory and power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

On February 24I received a phone call from a Baptist deacon. He had been travelling by bus to a distance place. Suddenly something happened to his back and he felt much pain. He could not stand straight. He waited two more days, but the pain did not leave.

His wife asked him to go to the hospital to consult with the doctor. But he refused, and said he would not go to the doctor. He said that he believed the Lord Jesus would heal him.  He called me in the evening and asked me to minister to him.

I ministered to him over the phone in the evening and again in the morning. Praise the Lord that God touched him. He called me to inform me that the pain had gone.  Praise the Lord.