August 2012 Whitmore Square Outreach

The Elijah Challenge in Australia

Just a brief report from the outreach last Friday.  Than kyou again to those of you who were able to pray. There was a lot to praise God for:

# Again the weather, while overcast and cold, held off so that we could proceed with the outreach without interruption. This was a major answer to prayer as Adelaide was inundated with heavy rain the night before.

# Despite the conditions a good number of people from the homeless community attended (around 30- 40).

# Those who attended were well behaved. No dramas with excessive alcoholism and drugs which can sometimes cause challenges especially during the ministry time.

# The gospel was presented simply and clearly.

# Once again a number asked for healing prayer and we were able to minister in the authority of Jesus.

# One couple from the local community, who are not believers, asked if they could join the catering team as volunteers, even when it was pointed out to them that this was a Christian outreach.

# Another member of the community attended, after being invited by a member of the team. His step daughter is currently living on the streets and they were able to spend some valuable time together at the outreach and at the same time be exposed to the gospel, as well as build relationships with the team.

# Another man came who was recently led to the Lord by a team member from the outreach a couple of months ago. He is attending a city church regularly and is now reaching out to another friend with the gospel.

# Good contacts continue to be made each month.

# A real spirit of openness and hospitality was very evident throughout the afternoon.

# We were blessed to have a group of young adults from Clovercrest come and join us, helping out with the catering and connecting with the homeless community.

# The ongoing provision of Bibles and discipling material along with meat, fruit, and salads which is all donated to the ministry without cost.
Again we are deeply grateful for all God is doing in our midst.

Sincerely in Him,

-Nev and Richard