“Well, what a day it was! Praise God, He gave a perfect window of opportunity without rain from around 4:15 PM for about an hour. That is all we needed for Nick to minister in song, for Lloyd to share his story and  time for ministry.  Just goes to show once again God is bigger than the weather forecast and He is so faithful to answer prayer! 

Also the enemy was at work with our three people who were not in a good place and created some significant disturbance. Its interesting it all seem to start when Lloyd was sharing his story and speaking about the power of Jesus to change lives. In some ways it was not dissimilar to the Book of Acts, when Paul was ministering by the riverside at Philippi and people were being touched, “a certain slave girl possessed by a spirit of divination…cried out” (Acts 16:16). It seems we are in good company and its encouraging to know the devil does not like what is going on.
Some very good news to come out of yesterday:
# The same customer,Graham, “just happened” to be in the butcher shop again yesterday when we were there to pick up meat for the BBQ. Last month he donated 2 kgs of chicken wings. Yesterday, he said “I should have been in Queensland but I think I was meant to be here”. He donated another 2 kgs of steak!
# We had some very good contacts with various people. One man from Chile, was staying at Vinnie’s men’s shelter across the road. very open. One of the team is going to follow him up next week. We suspect he is very close to the Kingdom. Would you pray for Jimmy.
# Many others were ministered to and resources given out. 
# The feedback again from different people was very positive despite the wet and cold conditions.
 Richard and Garth in Adelaide, South Australia
June 2016