By Don Parbery in Gold Coast, Australia
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About two months ago, my mentor in Christ died. She was in her mid 70’s and was like my mother. We were extremely close. She was partly responsible for me being a believer. She has known me since I was 3 years old. She was an amazing person.

Thankfully, God provided the time, funds and opportunity for me to go visit her in regional Victoria about a month prior to her passing. I knew that it was a significant time and opportunity and that I should go.

I wanted to order the malignant melanoma out of her body. That was the main purpose of the trip. So, I went and did that a few times over the course of the three days I was there.

Anyway, she died, but I praise God as it was clearly her time and God had a higher purpose and agenda for her than being here on this earth. So, praise Him for that!

About a month after her passing, I was parked at Southport on the Gold Coast here, waiting for Anna and our daughters to come out of the dentist. I was parked at the end of a long street with cars parked all the way up the street. I could see all the cars and both sides of the street from my car.

Whilst in the car waiting for the girls, my best friend called me on my mobile. I said to him, ” I wonder…

Whilst the words were still coming out of my mouth, a man appeared from my right hand peripheral vision. He had a beard and a back pack and was wearing jeans and a coat. He came up to my car only. and put a CD or DVD under my windscreen. He then looked intently at me for a few seconds then left. He seemed to disappear the same way he came. It all happened so fast. 

When he had placed the dvd under my windscreen wiper and he had left, I finished my sentence which was . “… what eternity is like”

I got out of the car and looked under the windscreen wiper. To my amazement, there was a DVD titled ” A glimpse of eternity”. I took it home and intended to watch it that night but got caught up with a bunch of assignment deadlines and didn’t see it until three weeks later.

Well, I watched it and it was amazing!! It was entirely biblical and completely profound. In short, God answered my wondering even before the words had left my mouth! This is the third time I have had an encounter similar to this, arranged by heaven. I can tell you about the others one day.

I found that the DVD was great  as God also spoke to my spirit because I asked Him why He didn’t allow healing to take place at my command. He said that this was the way He wanted to take Joan into the next world and that He had a higher purpose for her there. She departed this earth not because of any enemy or sickness being greater than Him. That is simply untrue. I didn’t believe that anyway. Sometimes, God has a higher agenda than ours. It was simply Joan’s ordained time to depart. When i reflect on it, I went there with a selfish agenda because I wanted Joan to stay here for a bit longer. But praise God for His teaching and for His love in showing me some of what eternity is like and what Joan is now experiencing.

I  found a copy of it on YouTube. Here’s the link if you’re interested.

Heaven is so much more real to me now, my faith has taken a great leap forward and the reality, power and love of God has become more real in my life as has the reality and power of prayer.

Anyway, I’m extremely encouraged by this God encounter and the fact that he thought he would give me a nice gift because He knew I was wondering what Joan was experiencing.

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