JAPAN: The gospel confirmed by miraculous healings in this gospel-resistant nation

“…God has moved Junko (my wonderful wife) and me into doing a home church here on Okinawa as well as on Ishigaki Island. We had a great but very sad send off from our church.  We are still working with them, but have moved to witnessing and training new believers to train and disciple others and encourage them to fulfill the great commission. God has really impressed us to move out of our safety of a large gathering and into the world with His commission. 

We are having church in Beauty Salons, Coffee shops, hospitals, and of course in our home on Wednesday and Sundays. Those coming to the Lord are doing the same and seeing wonderful growth. We have weekly Sunday services at our home and do services via skype to Ishigaki Island where we also go once a week to train and minister. God is so good. Each week we have new people and seeing miracles after miracle. 

Just this past week we had four new people and a lovely Budhest couple wanting to know more about Jesus. We had a lady come who had been deformed by polio since childhood.  Her right side was numb and unable to have feeling.  Her right foot was curved in at the ankle and walked on its outside along with it being about 2 to 3 inches shorter. Well, as one would expect, when the ladies were praying for her, they felt her back pop several times and she was now standing up straight, and her foot was no longer bent inward. We noticed the shortness of her leg so my wife holding both legs in her hands (she was sitting of course) and felt both her lets vibrate. And in front of everyone present, we say her shorten leg grow out to an inch longer then her good leg and then the other leg grew out to the other. Praise the Lord.

But the greatest was afterwards. The lady in her 50’s stood up and was kicking her right leg and saying “I have never been able to do this”, “I have never been able to do this”, as tears flowed down her face. She started to feel tingling in her leg and arm. She left our home standing up straight, walking much better and with tears of joy. God is so good.

We had another lady from Ishigaki Island who had a large cancerous tumor the size of a baseball on her left side. We prayed for her and the next week she came to Okinawa to go to the hospital. She showed up later at our home meeting on Wednesday with a wonderful smile on her face. The tumor was gone and they couldn’t find any cancer. How wonderful is our God.

Yes, we have been busy, but God gets all the glory and we continually look forward to His return.”

Missionary Manly Slough trained with The Elijah Challenge
September 2015