“Today (June 9, 2016) I had an interesting opportunity at our local Walmart. Maybe this might encourage others. First, God gets all the glory here, He is so awesome! I went to get a new catfish pole and my fishing license and as I was checking out, I made small talk with the cashier. Her name was Rachel. I asked her how she was doing today and she replied very honestly that she was not doing good at all. She went on to tell me she was in a lot of pain and had been suffering from a fever. She did not look well. When asked, she said her pain level was at a 7 out of 10. I asked her if she was a believer and she said yes. Although it wouldn’t have mattered for me. There was a woman behind me in the line so I knew I had to be quick. The most interesting thing about this encounter was the leading of the Holy Spirit. I did not worry that other customers were watching or listening. I spoke boldly before I really realized it. 
I asked her if she would like to be healed and that if she did I could pray over her. She whispered about Walmart policy and they didn’t like anything like that and she could get in trouble. I could see how she was suffering and trying to work and my heart just went out to her.  I believe that was Jesus’ heart and His compassion.  I told her we could do it secretly and quickly as we were handling the shopping bags. She said yes, she did want to be healed. I did not lay hands on her but commanded the pain and fever to go in Jesus’ name (using authority just like I was taught in The Elijah Challenge). My voice was not quiet but not yelling either. I only said it once.
She put her hand up to her head and looked faint. She made a sound like she might pass out, like “whew!” I believe God’s healing power was going through her. I asked her what her level pain was now. She said a 4. I said okay, I will do it once more. I commanded and rebuked that sickness to leave and not come back. All pain had to leave. I asked her how it was now as I was sliding my debit card through the little box. She said it was gone. I asked her to be completely honest and she said yes, it’s completely gone.
She had a smile on her face and a new light in her eyes she did not have before. I said to her, God bless you for coming to work today even though you were so sick not many would do that. She said she needed the money. She honestly should have been at home the way she looked. I believe God did bless her today because of the integrity and diligence she showed. I also believe that something was happening inside her heart. I could not stay long and had to go. I did not want to draw too much attention to her. I believe that all this began because of the Holy Spirit’s work. Simply asking how a person is doing can really make a difference in their life and yours. The The Elijah Challenge Training has equipped me to share the gospel and heal the sick literally anywhere!”
June 13 Update: “I saw Rachel, the Walmart cashier who was healed the other day. I spoke with her and she is doing really well and happy. She even had flowers in her hair and said she felt wonderful and was applying for a new job at a bank.”
-Shelly Ragen, Iowa