Elijah Challenge-trained Subodh Kumar is based in Orissa, India

May 2013

Subodh Jena Kumar Reports

“Our gracious Lord did a great and mighty thing in our midst.

A few days back we received a phone call at around 10:30 pm from a village called R.udayagiri in the district of Gajapti. R.udayagiri is a small town in a district sub-division. Both Christians and Hindus live there. The Hindus have been having conflicts with the Christians, who are very few.

Some Hindus wanted to bring destruction on the Christians, so with the help of a sorcerer they sent a devil spirit to the Christian neighborhood during the night. It was actually visible to the physical eye.

The demon spirit went into the Christian street at midnight over a few days. The Christians saw the devil spirit and were so frightened that they could not sleep and could not go outside at night. Around two hundred Christian families are in the neighborhood.

The believers called us at night and described to us the work of the demon in their neighborhood. From where we were we rebuked it at a distance, and commanded it to leave the place in Jesus’ name.

Praise the Lord! The demon left the Christian street, and peace of mind was restored to the believers there. What a wonderful God we serve.”

The appearance of the demon

“According to the villagers, sometimes the demon looked like a very tall woman with long hair touching the floor along with long teeth. Sometimes the demon appeared like a man, black without looking anywhere in particular but simply walking on the street.

One night at 1:30 am a man in that village came out of his house to go to the toilet. Seeing the demon he was scared and ran back to his home. The next night a group of people waited to see it from afar, and they saw a lady walking towards the street. They saw it continually for three or four days. On the fourth day at 10:30 pm they called me. I rebuked it at a distance. Praise God the demon no longer enters the street.”