John Latini trained with Elijah Challenge via online videos & in Virginia
July 2013

Other reports from John Latini

I wanted to send you an amazing healing video that took place this past Friday night at the Galleria Mall in Middletown, NY  My wife and daughter were shopping in a store while my two sons and I waited outside the store in the mall.  I saw this gentleman walking with his wife dragging his foot (severely limping) and I asked what happened.  He said he was working on his motorcycle and it fell over on his foot.  I asked if I could pray for him and you will see in the video what happens.  (Some graphic language from the gentleman that gets healed) All glory belongs to Jesus. His reaction is amazing:

 My 9 year old son is recording the video.


Things have truly been amazing and doors are being opened everywhere.  Sunday I spoke at a church in Patterson, NY (New Life Christian Church).  Many were healed, set free and delivered.  Holy Spirit told me the night before that people were going to get healed while I was speaking.  At the beginning of the service I informed everyone that Holy Spirit told me people were going to get healed while I was speaking.  At the end of service Sue Ellen, my son Branden and I spent 2 hours praying for people.  The first person I prayed for needed a hip replacement, she dropped her cane after being prayed for and ran around the church completely healed.  Jesus was amazing!  A gentleman came up to me after service and stated about 10 minutes after I started speaking he had heat and tingling all over his back and was completely healed while I was speaking.