Subodh Jena Kumar is based on Orissa, India
February 2013

Subodh Jena Kumar Reports

A wonderful miracle I am sharing with you. I have never heard of this kind of demonic attack before.

On February 12, 2013 at 6:50 pm I received a call from a village in the district of Gajapati. A man explained to me what happened to his wife when she went to the stream to bathe early in the morning.

After came back from bathing her stomach began to hurt severely, and she vomited 6 or 7 times. After that she felt very weak in her body. When she closed her eyes she saw a snake attacking her. After hearing all this I told him to give his telephone to his wife so that I could minister to her directly. But she was in terrible condition could not talk. So I just ministered to her over the phone.

The next morning at 6:45 am they called us again and informed us that there was a change. She was able to talk with us, but the snake continued to come to her. She was very frightened and did not sleep the whole night. I ministered to her again over the phone.

At 6:40 pm later that day both wife and husband informed us that when she closed her eyes, she did not see the snake anymore. But she had a severe headache which she never had before. The devil brought another infirmity upon her. Again I ministered to her over the phone.

The following morning at 7:15 am they called and informed me with much gladness that she was completely fine. No more pain at all. They shared that all the villagers were very worried about her, but the Lord delivered her miraculously.

Praise the Lord for this wonderful miracle that He has done.