Don & Anna Parbery, Gold Coast, Australia

January 2013 

Other reports from Don

A close believing friend of ours named Cheryl had advised us that she had contracted some serious illnesses. She contracted an auto immune disease (yet to be classified), fluid around the heart, inflammation of the skin around the heart, an aggressive brain tumor and cataracts. This person is the mother of the woman that was healed by text command by Jesus (using me) a while ago. This seems like an attack from the enemy that should be dealt with accordingly.

Given that this person is a believer, I prayed and fasted before my wife Anna and I ministered to her. I asked her to examine herself and see whether she has anything she needs to do business with God about before I ministered to her.  I also examined myself and repented of anything that might be a barrier or obstacle to effective ministry as well.

Then I commanded each of these things out of her along with any enemies that might have put them there.

Picture of Jesus miraculously appears on iPad

Jesus appeared to Cheryl in a vision as we were laying hands on her issuing authoritative commands. Also, unknown to me during the session, my iPad in the kitchen was flashing a picture of Jesus throughout the session, all by itself. When I picked the iPad up to play some Christian music to conclude the session, the picture was still there. When Cheryl saw the picture, she testified that it was the exact picture of Christ she got in her vision! Additionally, the exact song I was going to play was ready for me to play on YouTube, without me even having to search for it.

With the iPad, I had never seen that picture before in my life. We have our daughters’ pictures as our desktop picture on that machine. Also, I had not previously downloaded the song (“Arise My Love” by Newsong), but that was the song I wanted to finish on and it was already there waiting for me to play it. That was amazing and encouraging. I don’t know what God is doing with us really but we are happy to just go along for the ride so to speak.

Cheryl believes that she is now completely healed. 

Her cataract disappeared after a few sessions of commanding and her vision was completely restored in the affected eye.

We look forward to her going for another medical examination which will reveal no more fluid buildup or inflammation around the heart  and no more aggressive brain tumour either.

We all made sure that we all confessed our personal unconfessed sins privately prior to the ministry. Plus, I fasted prior to the ministry for extra power. We had prayer covering also from two others during the ministry. I also read articles on ministering healing to believers from your site and also watched Lucille’s 2005 Sydney seminar videos before the session. Praise God for your faithfulness and teaching. I’m learning and applying a lot from both of you.

It feels good to apply what you two have been teaching. I feel like a baby bird that has just left the best and begun to fly. The more I do it, the stronger my wings will become. When I say I, I’m actually meaning we since I couldn’t do this without my wife Anna’s love and support.