By Elijah Challenge Coordinator Albert Kang 

“Our good friend and dentist, Dr. Thiagan, shared with us about a lady in his church in Malaysia who was delivered from demons. This lady was supposedly to be a believer and she had all types of pain in her body. Dr. Thiagan and some friends had to carry her up to the church which was on the first level of a shop-house.

During the commands for healing, the demons in her began to accuse the pastor of hurting her. Everybody saw that the pastor (Pastor J. D. was trained by Rev B. during the first batch of Elijah Challenge Training events in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur in 2005) was not even touching her.  The pastor and his assistants (Dr. Thiagan, a dentist, was one of them) then switched to deliverance and the demons came out. 

Before the pastor and his team proceeded to command healing, the pastor asked the lady to confess all her hatreds and bitterness that she had towards others. To everybody’s surprise, a long string of names of people whom she hated, just gushed out like a stream of water. The list included a couple of pastors whom she really disliked. This lady had harbored deep hatred and unforgiveness for a long time. That apparently created the open door for the demons to attack her.   

After her confession, the healing commands were given and all her pain left her body immediately. She was so happy but her faith was very weak. She then asked if the same team that carried her up the stairs would carry her down. Dr. Thiagan assured her that she had already been healed and she should just walk down by herself. She was unsure of herself but after some encouragements, this lady walked down without anyone helping her. She was completely healed! Praise God for the deliverance and healing miracles.”