April 2012

Thank you for all you do to bring the kingdom of heaven upon the earth!

I have been truly blessed by your work which I found trying to find Elijah on the internet one evening!

You have helped me to get a better understanding of the healing I had been seeing and why we as servants of Yahshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus the Christ) are seeing better results when we are preaching to the lost as opposed to praying and commanding for fellow believers.

I am sure you are a wealth of information with understanding through experience in these areas. I love your pursuit of improvement on your training! These are some areas that cannot be overemphasized.

One incident

I was preaching to one of my customers just before going up his tower to fix his strobe lights. He was getting pretty tired of me, I suspect probably thinking of me as just another religious freak as he was attempting to point me to the work on the tower at hand. Just as we were about to go up the tower he told me he had no feeling in his thumb and adjacent index finger from multiple parachute drops for the Air Force.

I boldly grabbed his hand and commanded the feeling to return to his hand in Yahshua the Messiah’s name, and as the thought of how weird I was entered his mind, feeling was restored to his hand. As I told him that Yahshua (Jesus) loved him, he quickly went away with tears in his eyes. He no longer thought of me as some freak, but had evidence that Yahweh God Almighty was real and his power in his Son’s name.


A second incident

I was coming home and saw a homeless man at the Loves Truck Stop. At first I avoided him while quickly darting in to the store. My conscience said to not avoid the man, but that he is the man Yahweh would love to bless. So I approached the man and asked him if he was homeless and he said yes. I asked him if he needed any money. I asked him how he was feeling, and he said that he ached all over and could not move his right arm because he had fallen on it.

Immediately I grabbed his knee cap and commanded healing into his body in Yahshua’s name. He said his body no longer ached, but his arm still was very bad. I grabbed his right arm and proceeded to command his arm to be 100% restored. After eight or so commands, he could lift his 50-pound backpack with his right arm.

Bu now he was up hugging me, and told me that he had to take medication for epilepsy. So I put my hand on his head and commanded healing into his brain, but at that moment the Holy Spirit brought the scripture to my mind about the epileptic boy.

So I grabbed his right arm and said, “If there are any evil spirits here I command them to come out right now in Yahshua the Messiah’s name.” 

Immediately he had what appeared to be a seizure. His eyes went wide open—hugely—and his mouth had the look of disbelief and surprise. It was as if the spirit was taken by surprise and could not believe it was being cast out by me in Yahshua’s name. He then relaxed and turned to me and said “God sent you here.”

Praise Yahweh God Almighty through Yahshua the Messiah (Jesus the Christ) for giving such power to the sons of men! I wish someday to be working on the scale you are working…perhaps on an even greater scale?

I love you and your teachings! I also love your humility. Keep up the great selfless work. You are an excellent example of how I believe we should all be walking!

Your brother,

Tom Linebaugh
Tower Light Guys
Tower Strobe & Red Light Parts & Service
Temple, Texas