May – December 2011Dear friends,As I write this update, my heart and mind find comfort and peace in the Word of God from Psalm 75:1-3 which says, “We give thanks to you, O God,  we give thanks, for your Name is near;  men tell of your wonderful deeds. You say, “I choose the appointed time; it is I who judge uprightly. When the earth and all its people quake,  it is I who hold its pillars firm.” Learning to trust God at all times cannot be an overnight affair – it is a life-long journey of discipleship and obedience. God‟s Word may not sink in and get „digested‟ instantly in our complicated lives. We have to offer all our faculties to God for Him to shape and transform us to be in alignment with His perfect will. Praise God for His grace is indeed sufficient and He is able to do it for us – and indeed in Christ, He has done it!  Oftentimes, it is we who are not aware of the availability of God‟s abundance of grace and mercy – and we go around the „mulberry bush‟ of confusion and despair. Learning to trust in Him, I thank Him for moments where I can be still and know that He is God even in a very occupied year in 2011!May 2011Fiji Trip: I spent 2 weeks in Korovuto Village in Nadi, Fiji Islands and ministered with Pr Kelevi Bulivou in his village congregation called  Westfield New Horizons Ministry.  Testimonies of healing in Jesus‟ Name and renewed faith in Jesus were reported as the Lord moved sovereignly in the midst of His people.  On my way back to Malaysia, I was able to spend a night in Sydney at bro Phoon‟s residence. He also took me to some local bible colleges and it was a blessing to have fellowship with him and his family.  Lived, dwelt and cooked amongst my Fijian friends at Westfield New Horizons MinistryUsing the Elijah Challenge training, the leaders and ordinary people of God were equipped to minister healing in Jesus‟ Name! Healing miracles took place – to the Glory of God!June-September 2011On the local scene, I have travelled to Kampar, Sg Petani and Johor Bahru to preach and teach in CLCN churches. I also conducted the Elijah Challenge training in BM for the SAM (Sekolah Alkitab Malaysia – Malaysia Bible School) for indigenous believers. Pr Christy in church after her hospitalization.In late July, my co-worker from Full Gospel Church Ipoh, Pr Christy Chang became unwell and was hospitalized for some time. By God’s grace, the church leadership rallied together and stood in for some of her usual duties. I praise God for moving the leaders and members to intercede for her which led to her healing. An early MRI scan had revealed that she had a growth in her brain, but through God’s intervention it was reduced to a blood clot which was drained out without any invasive surgery on her head. We had prayer and moral support from the church family in Ipoh, outstation and overseas.  After her discharge from hospital she went through physiotherapy and was able to attend church. She was granted 3 months’ leave to fully recover and she has resumed duties in January 2011.  Glory to God!In August, I went to Guilin again to complete the Million Leaders‟ Mandate training (Books 4-6). I was especially touched by those who came forward with testimonies of healing and wonders done by God after the earlier training in January.  Xiao Mong Mong, (pic) touched and healed in Jesus‟ Name in January 2011, sits independently when I met her again in August. Praise God!MLM Session in Guilin, ChinaSince July, I minister the Word of God regularly at a Campus hostel ministry in Kampar.  The undergrads are mainly from outside of Perak state and the ministry was set up to cater to the growing needs. Glad to be a part of this, and learning from the Lord on how to be in partnership with this wonderful people.In late August, I ministered at a family camp of an indigenous congregation and there the Lord‟s disciples received training on healing in Jesus‟ Name. They even ministered to their own pastor and he was healed of his backache!I am pleased to share with you that the Lord blessed my mother (red jacket) with a trip to Hong Kong in mid-September. An ardent Hong Kong television and movie fan for over 60 years, my mum finally visited the place itself. I was able to take time to go with her along with  my mum-in-law (purple blouse), my sister-in-law (centre), an aunty (red blouse) and a church friend (black Tshirt). The trip was a good break for me as well as a time for closer bonding with my loved ones. It was nice for me to play „tourist guide‟ for them as well. My Dad‟s 65thbirthday in September – We give thanks to the Lord for sustaining dad all these years after he experienced two strokes (2003 & 2004). His stable condition and daily journey of grace with the Lord really testify to the mercies of God that are new every morning. My brother Sherman and family were back in Ipoh to celebrate. Sherman and family worship at DUMC, a dynamic and vibrant congregation of God‟s people in our nation‟s capital.Suzanne and I celebrated our 13thanniversary at a simple dinner. We are so grateful to the Lord for His blessings and leading upon our lives. We are blessed with Jeremy and he is the source of our joy and cheers us up more often than not.  I am so blessed to have Suzanne in my life as we serve the Lord Jesus Christ together. She has to endure my absence whenever I travel away from home for ministry and meetings.THANK YOU, LORD!As part of my engagement with the city life in Ipoh, I  was a  part of the organizing team of Ipoh YMCA‟s talent show which starting working mid-2011. The event eventually took place in November/December with reasonable success.  It was so wonderful to see great talents in the youth of Ipoh. I feel honoured to have been a part of „Ipoh Also Got Talent 2011‟.I give thanks to the Lord for allowing me to be part of this experience.Picture taken at the IPF AGM 2011I also attend the Ipoh Pastors‟ Fellowship gathering whenever I am in town.  This helped me to foster better ties with the coworkers in our city and I took part in their prayer drives and monthly meetings. I am blessed by the sharing, prayers and „comradeship‟ of fellow co-workers of God‟s Kingdom.I travelled to Maesai 28/11-3/12/2011 to teach on Spiritual Gifts at the Akha Bible School. Initially, I was apprehensive after experiencing the aftershocks of the 6.8 earthquake that hit Myanmar in March. But the Lord gave me assurance and the entire missions trip went on without a hitch!Just knowing we have friends and prayer partners, like YOU, helps and encourages us more than we can express. When people ask me if I am still serving in FULL-TIME ministry, I have learnt to say that I am now in a season of not only Full-Time Ministry  – it is OVERTIME and ANY-TIME as the Lord so leads and guides to different places and congregations to minister.  It is fantastic to know that, through you and your prayers for us, YOU are helping us to help equip the Body of Christ for ministry and for pre-believers to come to a Personal, Saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. May every seed of faith that you have sown…to be bountifully blessed and multiplied.  THANK YOU.As we look to the Lord for an exciting  2012, we are mindful of how important to remain in Him and depend on Him.  We thank God for all that He has led us through and praise Him that He is with us always. Till the next time,  Timothy, Suzanne and Jeremy Lam