Report from Subodh Jena in Orissa, India
December 2013

Subodh Jena Kumar Reports

“Last late night we came from our field. While we were returning, I stopped by at the home of a Senior Pastor. He took me to see a nurse who had suffered from a stroke and one had one hand and one leg paralyzed. For the past few days the pastor had been ministering to her continuously, and she was much better. 
We went to minister to her. After that with tears in his eyes the pastor shared some reports with me, touching my heart.

I think he is over fifty years old and has worked with the Church of God Mission for over thirty years. Recently he witnessed a miracle. After our Elijah Challenge Training he ministered to a young girl possessed with a devil spirit. She was making a lot of noise and creating a disturbance. The pastor went to her with boldness and cast the demon out of her. At that very moment she fell to the ground and the demon left her.
 Also some miraculous healings have taken place. He told me his ministry is very good now.”