By Jaimie Alonso

British Columbia, Canada

Jaimie Alonso Reports


In November of 2010 I was invited to teach the Elijah Challenge course with my good friend and partner Pst. Elito Lantigan and family on the island of Mendano on the south most part of the Philippines. Before we had any meetings for this week, Pst Elito took me to the home of his brother-law Daris San to minister to his infirmity. He told me that Daris was not a follower of Jesus and I did not know what to expect. On my trip in 2008 Pst. Elito asked me to accompany him to his fathers home. His father was a stroke victim and had not walked for some 3 years. [Please see 2008 report on the Elijah Challenge web site]. So in my heart I was prepared for something of a similar situation.

We entered into the home of Daris San and immediately my “breath” was taken away by the severity of his situation. We talked for a while and then I laid my hand upon his infirmity. I commanded healing a few times but there was no change and my heart was very heavy as I know that Daris has had to struggle with this challenge for most of his life. I so wanted the Lord to heal him.  I knew also that it is impossible for Daris to have an income. I shared the Gospel with Daris but it seemed to really have no outward impact on his thinking. I was at a loss and felt so bad. [See photo, tumor the size of a small football covering from forehead to chin and over one eye.]




Over the next few years the tumor had grown and came to the point of being life threatening. In 2012 Pst. Elito had to admit Daris into the hospital as a series of operations were needed. The doctors had said that almost $3000cad were needed to help the situation. They needed about $250 immediately or Daris San would be sent home. The tumor was growing into his throat. I was able to send the needed funds to start the procedure and then fund raised for the rest through my home church and friends. To our delite we raised over the needed $3000cad and sent this off immediately. My emotions were very much tied into the life of Daris and my plea for funds to my church was almost embarrassing for me as the tears flowed freely for this need.

A few weeks went by as we waited for news of the operations. January of 2013 came news that the first of many operations was done. I was hoping that all would be positive. The news was that they had fixed the trouble in his throat but he could no longer speak. The new challenge was to have Daris permission to continue with more operations. His communication is now through writing on paper. There was no change in the size of the tumor. If the next operations were to be successful, Daris would lose one eye, his nose and part of his mouth. I could not believe this! Daris wrote on a piece of paper to the doctors that it would be best that they send him home. Pst Elito continued to share and minister to Daris. I felt terrible at this news.

There was a lot of funds left over from the operations that were not being done and Pst. Elito asked if this money could be given to Daris San. I said of course as I very well knew his situation. It seems that Daris had sent a message or prayer to the living God that only a real God could help him with his financial needs. This prayer was answered when Pst. Elito was able to give Daris the funds not used for his operations. It was the equivalent of 3 or 4 years of support for Daris and his family!! Only because of this generosity of these funds as God answered his cry is it that Daris San is now a follower of Jesus and was baptized in the ocean just last week.

I asked Pst. Elito to share Daris San’s testimony: 

“It is a simple testimony of Daris San he wrote that no one can’t help me the amount worth of 100,000 except those who led by God’s spirit which is you he said. Because this he formally joint our regular Sunday worship praise the LORD.”

Although Daris physical situation has not changed, He has received the gift of eternal life and is part of Pst. Elito’s congregation of a testimony that God is alive and answers prayer in a very dynamic way!

My thanks to all of those that shared in the support for Daris San! We are all very great full as we saw God move in this area of generosity and answer this plea from Daris San!