“Christina, a believer from Chicago I had never met before, had had five surgeries for the same problem. Her doctors would perform the surgeries, but the growth would come back. She had been diagnosed with a cyst on her ovaries and in her bowels. She needed her bladder to be healed, her bowels to be healed, the pain in her lower stomach and associated scar tissue to be gone. Her condition had her constantly lying down all the time because it was painful for her to walk and even to sit up. 

First the pain in her stomach was rebuked in the name of Jesus Christ over the telephone. She said she felt something like a wind or chill leaving her body immediately. The best way she could describe it was that it left in a hurry, almost as if in fear. After that in Jesus’ name I commanded her bladder to be healed and whole. I rebuked the cysts in her bowels and ovaries.

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At that moment she felt something like ‘cold little hands’ touching her everywhere inside her body. Outside she felt the hands patting her body. All this took place while I prayed over her on the phone.

She also had asthma which was rebuked in the name of Jesus Christ. She immediately felt the congestion in her chest gone along with the accompanying wheezing. She said that all the pain due to the incisions from her surgery had disappeared. She tested her bowels later that day during a bowel moment. She shared with me that usually she’s in tears during a bowel movement, but when she went this time everything was normal. Our Lord Jesus had completely restored her bowels. The usual pressure on her bladder was also gone.”

-Sarhonda in Chicago
May 2015


Sarhonda & Teddy in Chicago