Alan Robinson first trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2014. After that he went to Africa as a missionary and trained many African servants of God how to heal the sick and cast out demons as compelling evidence to the lost that Jesus is the Messiah. One of his disciples was Ngum Peter. After Alan went home to the Lord in August 2018, Brother Ngum took over as Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Cameroon. Below is Brother Ngum’s report on the fruitful training he conducted in March 2019.

“The Elijah Challenge Training began today in Cameroon, with testimonies of healing during the practical section. Thanks to God. My expectation is to see all who will be trained taking the gospel to the unsaved on the streets, in market places, in homes, travel agencies and wherever the unsaved are.”

“The Elijah Challenge Training was held at Ambassadors of Christ Global Ministries in Douala, Cameroon. We had testimonies of healing from the first day of the training. A lady got her healing from chronic chest pain and headache. She starting dancing and shouting uncontrollably before every one.”

Brother Ngum Peter teaching

“Praise God, we ended The Elijah Challenge Training today in Cameroon giving out certificates of participation as well as sending the students into the streets, homes, and travel agencies preaching the gospel to many. Some students returned with joy as they saw healings and salvations with people accepting Jesus Christ. We give God all the praise. One good thing is that under my leadership ten of them will continue to reach out to the lost, especially in the many travel agencies in town.”

“The man and the woman (Pastor & Mrs. Vitalis) below holding the certificates were the host pastor and his wife. They were so glad to witness the signs and wonders during the training, and together with the other pastors resolved  to invite me to return for a healing crusade. Many doors for the Training and healing crusades are now open in Cameroon. We give God all praises.”

Pastor Vitalis wrote: 

“I am Pastor Vitalis of the Ambassadors of Christ Global Ministries Douala. The host pastor of the Elijah challenge that took place from the 20th to the 22nd of March 2019 with our coordinator Rev Ngum Peter. Sir, it was a powerful and refreshing moment as God used His servant Rev Peter to teach us some important truths on how to preach the gospel and minister healing to the sick.
From the first to the last day of the program it was so transforming that personally I felt like the training should just go on forever.

On the first day that we were taught how to operate in our kingly office when ministering healing to the sick, the coordinator showed us a practical example when he rebuked sicknesses and pains just standing on the pulpit and instantly we had two outstanding testimonies: # a sister with a chest pain who has been suffering with this a long was healed instantly.# another sister with a similar situation got healed instantly.

On the last day of the program we went out door-to-door evangelism and we had some great testimonies.

I met a man on the sick bed who had a car accident three years ago and as a result he had a spinal cord injury which let to the damage of some important nerves leaving him paralysed at the lower limbs. His legs have been completely inactive. In addition he is using a catheter to urinate. This man has been unable to sit up straight since after the accident.

After ministering healing to this man in the name of Jesus just exactly the way we
were taught in the Elijah challenge, the man was able to sit up on his own and he testified that all the pains ceased instantly. We thank God for the Elijah challenge vision which is making us effective ministers of the gospel. God bless the coordinating team and most especially our trainer, Rev Ngum Peter.”


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