March 2012

For years we have desired to see the Lord do in Houston what we have seen Him do in many countries around the world as we teach The Elijah Challenge. On Friday evening, March 16, 2012 there was event hosted by Mark Meyers of Elijah Challenge Houston where the Word of God was preached and the infirm healed in Jesus’ name to confirm the Word.

The event, which was called “An Evening of Miraculous Healing for Evangelicals according to the Gospels”, was held at a home in Houston.

Below are reports and testimonies from some of the disciples who ministered at this event.

“We had some powerful healings tonight! I think that everyone we ministered to had marked improvement and some healed outright. Dennis Green and Kurt Simms handled the first case during the demonstration of healing – no problem!  This involved a lady named Sandy Scott who had a heart problem (arrhythmia) and could not walk more than a few feet without getting out of breath.”

“I prayed over a man named David. He had cerebral palsey and walked with one foot turned inward & struggled with balance (my observation). When I prayed over him it looked like his shoulders straightened and he stood about 2 inches taller. He walked to the door and back, walking quite normally. He also gave this testimony at the end. I had him attempt the stairs and it was not a normal gait but he indicated it was improved.” 

“Barry B. went from 0% hearing to 40% and 60 percent hearing in each ear. The baby Brady was able to drink water that evening, his fever had subsided, and he was able to drink milk the next day. He had not been able to ingest very much prior to that , and is set to have a feeding tube installed this week.  David said in Sunday School class that he felt his spine had straightened. Georgia Sherrod was able to write better and walk better that evening, but her husband Bob said he noticed no visible physical changes the next day, but that she had a much better mental outlook.” 

“So many healings from our Lord were made that evening and many believer’s faith strengthened. 

Nelly had great anxiety, fear, and depression attacks. She also had blurred vision problems. After commanding, she was more joyful and less fearful she said. Her face was full of smiles and she felt like the Lord lifted a burden. Her eye was still blurred and so we commanded again. Still nothing but she felt better. 

Sandy with her heart condition was so exhausted after walking a very short distance. After commanding, she could walk around the street with great speed and felt great. She will be calling tonight to confirm what the doctor says. 

Another lady with congestion and wheezing asked for healing. After a second commanding, she was coughing  violently and reported a plug of some sort come up. I believe this was what Mark was speaking about in the exiting of a demon. (I have to admit that I was a little taken aback by this and stepped away for a few moments but then realized what was happening and stepped back in and kept commanding as Mark did.)

Norma was experiencing many ailments with her knees, back, diabetes, and other health problems. Three of us commanded in the name of Jesus. We were persistent and she could move her knees more vigorously than before and said her back was better too. She stood up and walked a bit. 

We also commanded over a couple of sisters in Christ over neck and back problems and they showed marked improvement by our Lord’s grace. She could bend over and touch her toes. 

Another lady was Has can her in her spinal area and we commanded healing on her. We were persistent once again as we commanded the cancer to leave and not return.  A report will be given soon on her as she goes to her doctor. I cannot remember her name though.”

“Mary Barnett (who sang at the beginning) has reported a complete healing of her back which has caused her pain since age 15. It hurt Friday night even as she left but all pain was gone the next morning and she has remained pain free.

The baby with the eating disorder was better for about 24 hours and then got worse and needed to be hospitalized. I/we need to make it a point to tell people how to maintain their freedom as it is very common in my experience (and as set forth in the literature) for spirits to try to return. They simply need to be rebuked again with persistence and they will at some point leave for easier prey as the healed person refuses to be budged off what God has done, and persists in thankfulness for what He has done.”